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Contract Logistics in Europe

 Railway Software Becoming Increasingly Popular in Logistics

Rail transport software is increasingly used to improve fleet management, track railcar maintenance and repairs, and view rail transportation data. Software for Rail Transport Managers Advanced software enables rail managers to view freight charges, shipper data, railcar movements, and shipment records. There are capabilities for equipment management that allow managers to store and view maintenance records, track and monitor maintenance costs, and schedule repair works. Software solutions also come with functionalities to help keep managers updated on fuel surcharges and charges, tariff changes, and contracts. Additional capabilities make it possible to store and access historical transit times, track shipments, and… Read more

Why is logistics essential for just about every single company around the world?

The members of the International Forwarding Association have always been working hard to provide the best and most reliable European logistics services possible because they are all aware of the importance of logistics for the overall economy, the international commerce and the wellbeing of the people on the continent. So, what is logistics, and what makes it so important for almost all other businesses? Logistics as a term first originated in the military and was used as a term to describe the process of supplying equipment and other army supplies to the different troops and military bases and zones. As… Read more

European logistics freight consolidation

Freight consolidation is amongst the regular logistics services provided by the freight forwarders. By offering to merge smaller loads into a single vehicle load, there is an opportunity for regular transport of cargoes with smaller volumes at a lower forwarding price.   Benefits of the freight consolidation By combining smaller cargo into one load, the prices for transport decrease drastically, and at the same time, the safety levels remain the same because the groupage cargo is well packed and the cargo compartment is properly locked at all times during the transport. It is opened only when required for inspection by… Read more

Logistics for the flower industry

Flowers are an essential part of many events, especially joyful ones. They are symbols of each celebration which makes them the subject of a rather intensive trade. The European network for transportation contributes to the transport of flowers to different countries and places in Europe.   The contribution of logistics to the wide variety of flowers available in the different European countries Thanks to the logistics services for the flower industry provided by freight forwarders Europe, every European country can enjoy flowers from other countries. For example, the Netherlands is a renowned manufacturer of tulips. The international freight services make… Read more

The role and impact of logistics on the development of e-commerce

E-commerce is a convenient shopping method, preferred by a growing number of customers.  The goods which are available in the European online stores are being transported and delivered thanks to the cooperation between the partners of the European network for logistics.  This allows more goods from different producers to get to their European buyers easily and shortly.   The convenience of e-commerce The companies in Europe which produce various types of goods can now advertise and sell their products online – in stores or via other websites in English. These goods are delivered to the country and area by the… Read more

Benefits of cross-docking in contract logistics

Many companies create chain stores within Europe. Contract logistics with the freight forwarding companies of the European network for transportation is the solution for ensuring their regular supply with different goods.   The advantages of contract logistics with the help of the European network for logistics services By organizing regular deliveries to storages and stores of the companies, the freight forwarders enable each company to concentrate on its main activities, and not to lose time and efforts for organizing the deliveries. Contract logistics is a modern solution for companies, which offers to provide them with the organization of all kinds… Read more

European network for contract logistics

What is essential for high quality contract logistics – a preliminary expert analysis   Within the European network for logistics, the member companies carefully prepare the basics for the contract services. The experts in our companies and experts in contract logistics analyze their customers’ businesses  Based on that, the storage needs, as well as the transport and other services which will be needed are all estimated.  This allows for building optimal solutions for each customer. When they choose to sign a contract for freight forwarding, the customers receive the optimal solutions which meet their specific needs and comply with all… Read more