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How IFA handles high tech logistics tasks

With the advance of technology, as well as the globalization of the world and the market, specialized logistics services for high tech products and for high tech production companies have become a top priority of the list of logistics companies from IFA. The companies from the European network for transportation are well aware of the responsibility of handling high tech products with ultimate care and attention. The various members of the freight transport association are experts in providing completely secure, cost-effective and innovative solutions for the specialized transportation, the packaging, and the storage and distribution of sensitive goods and high… Read more

What the members of IFA are looking for when recruiting new logistics employees

The logistics and transportation industry is a highly competitive sector which is why the companies from the International Forwarding Association are doing their best to find and recruit the most suitable logistics experts and employees. Here are the common traits which the members of the European logistics network pay the closest attention to when interviewing and choosing candidates for work: Experience Naturally, all companies from the European network for transportation are looking for people with previous experience in the field, especially when seeking employees for management positions and for more specific jobs like European groupage services, specialized transportation, green logistics,… Read more

The benefits of using cross-docking by the companies from IFA

The practice of cross-docking which is becoming increasingly popular among the members of the freight forwarders association and among all storage and distribution services and warehouse logistic companies involves the delivery of products from the production plant to the end customer with minimal or even no material handling done in between. The use of cross-docking also reduces the need for storage space for the products, because in most cases they are delivered to the loading dock directly and prepared by outbound delivery by the members of the International Forwarding Association. Implementing effective cross docking solutions by the list of logistics… Read more

What IFA is doing to prevent cargo theft

Unfortunately, with the growing globalization and the increased intensity and volumes of the international freight services, the risk of cargo theft has increased as well. On a global level, the cargo high jacking of sea vessels has led to a loss of millions of tons of oil, fuel, and chemicals which have been sold at the black market. The tendency for cargo theft from trucks used by the international freight forwarders has been growing as well. One of the main reasons for the increased risk of theft of cargo is the advanced technology which is helping not only the freight… Read more

How IFA can help inexperienced companies expand their global supply chains

The supply chain includes every single aspect of moving goods from their production through the vendor to the end customer. The supply chain consists of manufacturers, vendors, intermediaries, freight forwarders and customers. With the globalization and the rapid growth in international trade, the supply chain and all its members are no longer contained within the borders of one single country. Rather, it includes customers, manufacturers, and vendors from different countries. Today, China has become a leader in global trade and economy, and with the shifting markets, the global supply chain is becoming more complicated and complex as well. This means… Read more

Management of supply chain and transportation documentation

The experts from the international freight forwarders association can assist their customers by helping with the three most important transportation documents for all international freight forwarding services we provide, including specialized transportation, small shipments, complete loads and all others – the bill of lading, the freight bill and the FOB terms of sale. The Bill of Lading This is the sole most important transport document for all international freight services provided for the forwarding of goods handled by the European logistics network.    Lading stands for a contract for the international freight forwarding of any kind of goods and cargo…. Read more

The growing tendency of bringing outsourced services in-house by the International Forwarding Association

European Logistics and the supply chain industry are constantly changing due to the globalization, the fluctuations of customer needs and other factors. In the meantime, a number of companies from the European logistics network are choosing to bring back in-house the services and activities which were previously outsourced.   Here is why the outsourcing is being brought back in-house by a list of logistics companies Even though finding a reliable outsourcing service can be a painstaking process, many companies from the European network of transportation are looking towards bringing these competencies back and insourcing them. The reasons for this tendency… Read more

How the International Forwarding Association views the future of logistics when it comes to self-driving vehicles

The advent of self-driving vehicles is seen as a potential game-changer by the European logistics network when it comes to the future of logistics and all international freight services provided. Although these self-driving vehicles are still are in a very early stage of development, they are perceived as having a serious impact on the future of all of the European logistics services provided by the international freight forwarders from IFA. It is a matter of time when the forwarders throughout Europe will begin using self-driving trucks for their international freight forwarding, specialized transportation, refrigeration transport, European groupage services and all… Read more