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Major Ports Digitize Processes Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Major ports across the globe are increasingly digitizing processes to ensure efficient workflow and keep contact to a minimum during the coronavirus outbreak. The global pandemic already caused major disruption to the global supply chain, with workers ordered to stay home and falling ill. Experts predict that ports may experience staff shortages due to the fact that certain processes require physical handling and interaction. Ports That Already Make Use of Automation and Digitalization The Port of Rotterdam has already introduced digital tools to reduce costs, improve safety, and ensure efficient workflow. Software tools speed up handling of inland vessels, trains,… Read more

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Why the logistic services provided by IFA are so essential for the supply chain

Every successful entrepreneur will agree that the logistics and international freight forwarding services are of key importance for the successful business. This is because the list of logistics companies provides seamless services which answer the demands of the customers and thus allows for the company to stay ahead of the competition. No matter the size and type of a business, every company wants to grow and expand. This can mean expanding in your town, in your country or internationally. The companies from the International Forwarders Association are experienced enough to help all types of organizations buy, sell, deliver and store… Read more

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The trends in logistics and the supply chain management to look for in 2019

We are close to the end of the first quarter of 2019, and the freight forwarders and European logistics companies from IFA are already prepared to meet the expected trends which will likely shape the logistics and supply chain industry this year. They are all a direct result of the growing diversity and increasing globalization, as well as the rapid development of AI, IoT and automation technologies in the last few years. Here are the main trends to look forward to in 2019, according to the International Forwarding Association: 3PL trends for 2019 Third-party logistics is expected to continue expanding… Read more

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The cost of stockouts and their overall effect on the supply chain and the freight forwarders association

All of the member companies of IFA are aware of the negative effect of a stockout for any business. A stockout means that the storage and distribution services provided by the International Forwarding Association run out of a particular item, which leads to canceled orders and the impossibility to fulfill them. A stockout can lead to significant losses for any company. This is why the European network for transportation is working on optimizing its supply chain services so that the risk of running out of a particular product is minimized, and so that the customers receive the items they want… Read more

How Blockchain Can Transform the Supply Chain

As members of IFA know, the supply chain is becoming ever so complicated with problems like delays in the payment between manufacturers and suppliers as well as between customers and retailers. The contractual agreements as well as contract logistics often require using the services of banks and lawyers which add to the delays and the costs. There is also the problem with the traceability of the goods back to the suppliers which makes it difficult to deal with defects and returns. The lack of direct communication between the suppliers, retailers and the customers can lead to frictions and can involve… Read more