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Road Transport in Europe

Mastering Pricing Strategies in Ground Freight Forwarding

Navigating the complexities of freight forwarding requires an understanding of how to strategically set prices to remain competitive while ensuring profitability. From cost-plus and value-based to tiered and subscription-based pricing, each strategy enables forwarders to align service offerings with market demands and customer expectations.   Cost-Plus Pricing This is a straightforward strategy where a markup is added to the cost of providing the service to ensure profitability. This approach guarantees that all costs, including operational and overhead expenses, are covered and a profit margin is achieved. It provides transparency and simplicity in pricing but requires careful calculation so that the… Read more

Strategies for Cargo Security in European Road Transport

Securing road cargo involves a blend of sophisticated technology and expert strategies. Measures like enhanced locking systems, geofencing and advanced surveillance are key to protecting goods across diverse transit routes.   Enhanced Locking Systems Enhanced locking systems stand as the first line of defense against theft. These systems include high-strength padlocks, electronic locking mechanisms, and seal locks that are tamper-evident. By implementing such robust solutions, EU freight forwarders help prevent opportunistic thefts and ensure timely delivery, as there are fewer interruptions due to security breaches.   Geofencing Geofencing works by triggering an alert whenever a freight vehicle enters or leaves… Read more

Toll Systems in Europe: Overview of Different Tolling Systems and Their Impact on Road Freight Costs

Toll systems exert a significant influence on the logistics and road freight sector in Europe, often shaping the route selection, operational overheads, and even the vehicle choices of freight forwarders. Understanding these toll systems and their subsequent implications is essential for efficient freight operations.   Time-Based Vignettes Time-based vignettes are stickers that vehicles display to grant them access to the roads for a set period, typically available for daily, monthly, or yearly durations. Countries such as Austria, Switzerland, and Bulgaria predominantly use this system. For freight forwarders, this straightforward system can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it… Read more

Types of Road Vehicles for Cargo Shipment

Regardless of the sector you operate in, delivering your products to clients safely, in good condition, and on time is key to your reputation and bottom line. Yet, with a range of equipment and modes to consider, choosing the best option is not always easy. From power-only, refrigerated, and dry vans to straight trucks and cargo vans, here is a quick guide to help you decide on the type of equipment you may need.   Refrigerated Trailers This piece of equipment is used for refrigeration transport of perishable goods like pharmaceuticals, dairy, and fresh produce. Refrigerated trailers or reefers are… Read more