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Green logistics

specialized logistics solutions

Solar Energy Logistics

Solar energy technologies have been in a constant state of growth and innovation during the last years. At the same time, businesses face multiple challenges such as unpredictability, cost of investment and fabrication costs, and storage efficiency. Services for Solar Energy Businesses   To help industry partners to achieve optimal results, we offer specialized logistics solutions such as storage and distribution, air and land freight, shipping of equipment, and more. We serve small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and major manufacturers and provide customized logistics solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements.   Shipping is one method to move oversized… Read more

European Green logistics

The European network for logistics is taking all precautions to reduce environmental pollution by using third party suppliers

The global aspiration for lowering the environmental pollution is crucial for establishing and maintaining a healthy and friendly environment. The international freight forwarders are contributing to his cause by using third party suppliers for their services.   The pollution resulting from each and every delivery made is mainly due to the fuel which is consumed in the process For the logistics companies in the international freight forwarders association the forwarding and the timely delivery of goods and cargos to various European destinations is an essential part of their activities. This is the reason why striving towards “green” logistics includes reducing… Read more

Green logistics

Green logistics – the future of the logistics industry

The principles of green technologies and the care for minimizing the pollution of the environment is a leading one in all industries and business sectors, and its impact will be growing in the future too. The European network for transportation has joined this movement for minimizing the emission of harmful gases from fuel combustion as well as for the decrease of the waste which adds to the pollution.  This is why, the member companies of IFA are working together to create new types of services. The motto of the freight forwarders Europe is to act today for a greener logistics… Read more

European network for green logistics

IFA’s contribution to the reduction of harmful emissions – a way to provide green logistics at an advance level

The global quest for green logistics is a main rule of the activities of the European logistics network.  The activities of the freight forwarders include various methods for the reduction of the environmental pollution, which contribute for lower carbon dioxide emissions. This is how IFA contributes to the striving for green freight forwarding services at a modern level.   Methods for lowering the harmful emissions implemented by the European network for logistics A contribution to the lowering of carbon dioxide emissions can be achieved not only through the purchase of new trucks and vehicles.  Here are some of the main… Read more

container ships

Green logistics with container ships – for reducing the negative side effects of freight forwarding on the environment

Green logistics is part of the global effort for the reduction of human activity on the environment.  The member companies of the European logistics network are active participants in activities for the reduction of waste which pollute the environment surrounding us.  Another area in which the European network for logistics services has achieved success is the reduction of fuel consumption through the use of the most optimal routes.   The waste causing the pollution around us   The daily use of a multitude of packaged goods creates enormous quantities of waste.  The majority of this packing is made of plastic,… Read more

“green” principles for the transportation service

The ways logistics can reduce the harmful gas emissions

The greenhouse gas emitted daily is one of the problems associated with the environmental pollution.  Reducing the amount of harmful gas emissions can be achieved by limiting the use of our personal cars, and choosing to use the public transportation or to practice carpooling instead. But also, the industry and the services including logistics can also contribute to the reduction of the release of the harmful emissions in the atmosphere.   The harmful emissions are also associated with the forwarding of purchased goods and freights to the recipients With the expansion of international trade, especially in Europe, the international freight… Read more

Green logistics

Environmental taxes – a measure for environmental control on the road

The environment is polluted by the activities of a number of different companies.  The gases emitted during the transportation and forwarding of goods also contribute to the pollution. The “Green” companies The green companies, including member companies in the Association for forwarders throughout Europe take extra precautions to lower the pollution of the environment resulting from their activities.  When picking the best routes for their clients, they choose the shortest ones, and also use environmentally friendly packing, and others.  This way, the forwarding services have the minimum negative environmental impact possible when performing International freight forwarding. Environmental protection taxes The… Read more