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European logistics companies

Logistics Sector Adapting to a Challenging Environment through Digitization

Many industrial sectors have been on the losing side on a global scale, either struggling to stay afloat or failing. Some companies do not have the strategies, capabilities, capacity, and cash reserves to continue operations while others stayed open to hardly break even.    The good news is that the logistics and distribution sector somehow managed to adapt despite the devastating impact of the global pandemic. Problems That the Logistics Sector Faced For the majority of operators, the sector has been operating under pressure and in a very challenging environment due to reduced output and demand, which have a strong… Read more

Everything you need to know about logistics management

The member companies of the International Forwarding Association (IFA) are all specialized in logistics management. Here is an overview of all you need to know about the term logistics management and how it is implemented by the European network for transportation: What is logistics? As you probably know, logistics is the process which the members of the freight forwarders directory use for the coordination and for moving goods, cargo and other resources, including machinery, food, inventory, materials, liquids, and even people from one location to another. Logistics was first introduced as a military term and was used to describe the… Read more

Adapting to digital e-commerce by the logistics companies

As with all aspects of commerce, online retail is affecting the storage and distribution and the overall logistics services provided by freight forwarders from the International Forwarding Association as well. Today, the average consumer is relying mainly on their smartphone to purchase all kinds of goods and services – from grocery shopping to making serious investments. Customers expect a growing choice of products, better prices, discounts, and further convenience when it comes to payment and speedy delivery by the national and international freight services. The European logistics network and businesses dealing with international freight services need to keep in line… Read more

How IFA can help inexperienced companies expand their global supply chains

The supply chain includes every single aspect of moving goods from their production through the vendor to the end customer. The supply chain consists of manufacturers, vendors, intermediaries, freight forwarders and customers. With the globalization and the rapid growth in international trade, the supply chain and all its members are no longer contained within the borders of one single country. Rather, it includes customers, manufacturers, and vendors from different countries. Today, China has become a leader in global trade and economy, and with the shifting markets, the global supply chain is becoming more complicated and complex as well. This means… Read more

Entrust European logistics companies with packing the consignments

The packing is an important operation in the preparation for the consignments of international freight forwarding. In Portugal, for a third year in a row the exhibition  Empackand Transport & Logistics will be conducted. In September 2018, in Porto will be presented new decisions for packing materials and products, which also contribute to the relegation to the minimum of the risk for the freights. The firms from freight forwarders association follow the novelty and tendencies in packing, since they are connected to the deliveries.    Entrusting logistic firms with packing The producers and tradesmen who use the services of freight… Read more

Achieving cheaper freights with European logistics companies

Customers look for appropriate logistic services as to the freight types and the suitable deadlines, but not only. They also look for some low-cost prices, too. The companies from freight forwarders association take care of the price deduction in many ways by offering shorter routes, an option for combing small packages in groupage services and many others. The optimization of the routes is one of the methods that tend to reduce the freight prices and it the main focus in international freight services. By having in mind the big number of the available means of transportation used by forwarders throughout… Read more

What kinds of challenges are modern logistics facing?

The logistics freight forwarding services are an essential part of the activities of many companies and people. With the growing demand for forwarding services due to the increasingly intensifying trade, online commerce and the mobility of the people who are moving to live, work or study in different places and countries, the expectations of the customers of these services are growing too. This is not the only challenge which the freight forwarders are facing today. Here we will take a closer look at the technologies which are being implemented in logistics for faster freight forwarding services, as well as the… Read more

3D printing – the challenges for the logistics companies

As technology is developing, the international freight forwarders have new possibilities for providing more efficient services to their customers. New technologies such as 3D printing make the work of forwarders throughout Europe easier.   The opportunities for using 3D printers for manufacturing various products has led to an increase of the demand for such technology The sales of 3D printers are rapidly growing. The number of these printers sold in 2012 was more than the entire volume of sales for the 25 years before that. The reason for this rise, is the convenience of these printers which can produce various… Read more