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Logistics services

Challenges Freight Forwarders Face During Customs Clearance

Customs clearance can be a challenging and complex process for European freight forwarders, due to a number of reasons. From tariffs and duties and compliance requirements to documentation, there are many challenges to navigating and moving cargo across borders.   Tariffs and Duties Customs clearance often entails the payment of taxes, duties, and tariffs, which can vary greatly depending on the country of origin, type, quality, and value of goods, trade agreements, and diplomatic relations. Dealing with tariffs and duties can be a daunting process, making it important to conduct extensive research. For example, you’ll need to find out how… Read more

Types of Cargo Insurance Available to Freight Forwarders

Moving goods across distances can be a complex process, with cargo often being shipped across international borders. The International Forwarding Association members make every effort to reduce risks, including damage and loss, but unexpected risks and accidents may occur. For this reason, it is important that logistics companies become familiar with the various types of coverage that can help protect them against financial loss. Common policies to look into are air, maritime, road, and rail cargo insurance.   Air Cargo Air cargo insurance offers coverage for damage and loss of goods due to improper loading and packaging and during unloading… Read more

E-Commerce Shipping

E-Commerce Shipping Methods, Benefits, and Costs

E-commerce shipping covers all processes involved in transporting products bought online. With the right partner and shipping method, delivery can be fast, affordable, and manageable. What Steps the Shipping Process Includes? Three main steps are order receiving, processing, and fulfillment. When an order is received, it can be fulfilled provided that items are in stock. Order processing involves verifying the customer’s name and address to ensure that all data is accurate. A picking list is created as a next step so that goods are prepared, packed, and transported. Shipping Strategies and Methods There are a number of shipping methods that… Read more

Technologies That Will Transform Logistics by 2030

New technologies and innovation are constantly transforming the world of logistics and the global supply chain. Here are some trends that will help improve efficiency and customer experience. 3D Printing Experts predict that 3D printing will contribute to decentralized production, with print centres opening in markets worldwide. This means that commodities can be printed at the customer request instead of being moved over long distances. Replacement parts will no longer need to be shipped and kept in warehouses. Instead virtual warehouses will print parts based on data models. Artificial Intelligence AI is expected to transform the shipping sector and to… Read more

When Rail Transport Is the Best Option

Rail freight is a good choice when shipping large volumes of cargo over long distances, both domestically and across borders. With low fuel costs, it is a cost-effective alternative to other modes of transportation. Here are the cases when rail transport is a good choice and the factors that determine rates.   When to Use For European logistics operators that are moving cargo inland from port facilities, rail freight is a good alternative. This is especially true for countries with busy inland routes that cause delays. It is also best to use when large volumes are shipped in bulk, especially… Read more

Types of Loading and Packaging Equipment for Safe Transit

There are different types of packaging and loading equipment to ensure that cargo is secure during transit. European logistics companies also partner with major carriers to transport air and sea freight. Shipping Hazards The choice of loading and shipping equipment depends on whether different hazards are present, including altitude, extreme weather conditions, compression, vibration, and shock. Shock, for instance, occurs when items fall down or shift or are struck by other items during transit. When cargo is under load, compression may occur in the aircraft, ocean containers, railcars, and trailers. Weather may also cause damage to cargo because of humidity… Read more

Everything you need to know about Lean Logistics

You may have heard of the term “Lean Logistics” which is becoming more popular among the European logistics companies from the International Forwarding Association. If you are not quite sure what lean logistics is and how it can improve the supply chain and the processes and services offered by the forwarders throughout Europe, read on to find out everything you need to know about this relatively new concept. What exactly is lean logistics Lean logistics is a supply chain process which can help the members of the freight forwarding association reduce the costs for their services, improve their overall performance,… Read more

IFA is looking towards the implementation of smart containers for European logistics services

Thanks to the implementation of smart containers used for international freight forwarding, each container will be connected to the IoT. This will make it possible for the members of the freight forwarders association to check the status of each container used by the European network for transportation in real time. Such a system will help the forwarders throughout Europe to monitor not only the location of each smart container but also monitor other factors which can affect the condition of the cargo including the temperature, humidity levels, vibrations, shocks, as well as the opening and closing of the doors.This smart… Read more

The factors which IFA takes into consideration for your product packaging

The International Forwarding Association knows how much impact your product packaging has on your entire supply chain including the storage and distribution as well as on the International freight forwarding. This is why the international freight forwarders always strive to do the best to optimize it for your best interest. Why is the packaging so important for the freight forwarders network and for our customers? Proper packaging of small shipments, complete loads and oversized cargo is essential not only to protect the goods and cargo from damage and contamination but is also crucial for the goal of achieving green logistics… Read more

Organizing the orders by confirming the details with the customers

Prior to each shipment, the employees from the forwarders throughout Europe receive detailed information regarding the cargo and goods. This allows them to pack them properly and to organize the care for those products which require special conditions for storage or transport, such as temperature levels, humidity and so on. The proper preparation is vital for the freight forwarding services.    Here we will discuss all the basic details which the companies from the European network for transportation need to know in order to properly organizing the freight forwarding.   The type of cargo or goods – whether they are… Read more

Introduction to logistics – here are some basic concepts

Many of the retailers, distributors and other customers use the services provided by the freight forwarders Europe. And many others will be using their logistics services in the future. Since some of the terms used in logistics may not be quite clear for the existing and future customers of this type of service, we from the international freight forwarders network offer a brief overview of the basic concepts which our customers need to know when using our professional services.   Logistics and groupage lines In the cases when the customer needs a transport service for their goods from one European… Read more

The importance of logistics for the supply chain

Supply chains are an integral part of the modern production. They are used for the transport of raw materials, returning finished products and for the exchange of money and data. The logistic provided by international freight forwarding is the primary means of transporting raw materials as well as for the return of finished products when recycling is needed or for other reasons.  Many raw materials are transported from one country to another which is done by the forwarders throughout Europe.   Storage as part of the supply chain The companies from the international freight forwarders network offer storage services in… Read more

The increasing demand for fresh produce has placed new challenges for the logistics business

The number of middle class people is constantly growing due to the increased mobility options as well as wider choices for better paying jobs. This has led to a tendency for improved purchasing power and a greater demand for fresh produce as compared to frozen products.  The freight forwarders Europe are working on adding more vehicles for the transport of fresh products which can maintain suitable temperatures and conditions for the products during the shipment.    The main producers of fresh vegetables and fruit in Europe Fruits and vegetables are among the top purchased products in Europe due to their… Read more

The consolidation of cargoes in European logistics

Consolidation is convenient for the customers of the European logistics association because they can us the warehouse and storage services provided by the network of freight forwarders until their cargo reaches the required volume which needs to be transported.   Consolidation is especially convenient for groupage services Consolidation of loads is a regular necessity for customers who use groupage services. The warehouses of the freight transport association located in different European countries are available for the storage of smaller shipments until a larger one is accumulated. This helps the customers save money from needing to send multiple smaller shipments instead… Read more

Logistics services for the transport of art objects and museum exhibits

The transport of art objects requires special packing for each item. When the exhibits of an entire exhibition are being transported, the task becomes even more complicated.  Museum exhibit transport is also a common service demanded due to ongoing travelling exhibitions. Another common need of art transport is required by auction houses and art owners for auctions. You can rely on the professionalism of the International freight forwarders association for the forwarding of paintings, artefacts, as well as various antique items for museums and for private collectors.   Compliance with the international requirements for art and museum exhibit transport We… Read more

Suitable trailers for the customers of the European network for logistics services

The freight forwarding services provided by the European logistics network include a variety of road transport options which include transporting goods and cargo in trailers. The different trailer types all have their own pros and cons.  Depending on the specific types of goods and cargo being forwarded the freight forwarders choose the most suitable trailers to forward them. The main factors which affect the choice of the most suitable trailer are: its length, capacity, safety and reachability of the cargo. Here are some of the pros and cons of the various types of trailers used.   Dry van trailer This… Read more