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European groupage services

Groupage Services for Safe and Affordable Shipping

Also referred to as shared shipping, groupage services combine smaller-sized shipments and are ideal for customers who want to move their personal belongings. Who Benefits from Groupage Groupage services are often used by recent expats who want to move their belongings to a new location. They are also ideal for students enrolled in a university in a foreign country who want to bring some extra luggage with them. Groupage services are also used by persons who are planning on relocating to another country for a relatively shorter period. Those who have excess baggage also benefit from shared shipping.Benefits for Customers… Read more

How to Choose a Provider That Offers European Groupage Services

Groupage services allow customers to transport small shipments domestically and internationally, whether sending consignments, boxes, or pallets. Forwarders that offer haulage services and ship items across the EU or import goods spread out the costs so that customers benefit from optimal value. With partners in all major cities across Europe, they are able to provide personalized, reliable, safe, and fast groupage solutions.Factors to Consider The main factors that influence cost include weight and dimensions, final destination, place of loading, and distance. The mode of transportation, whether by sea, land, or air also influences pricing.  The same goes for combining intermodal… Read more

Groupage Services to Ship Goods across Europe Cost-Effectively

Groupage shipping is a cost-effective way to transport goods across Europe, whether sending parcels or pallets. Forwarders work in cooperation and complement their services to cover various market segments and ship across borders. Benefits for Businesses and Individual CustomersEuropean groupage services are available to both individuals and business customers and can be tiered into other shipping services, including sea freight and air cargo. The main benefits of consolidating freight include lower transportation costs and flexibility to use the services of different carriers, depending on location. Other benefits for customers include control on delivery, reliability, fast transit times, and scheduled direct… Read more

The EU toll system will become distance based in 2023

The EU countries which are currently using time-related toll systems must adopt a new distance-based road charging system which differentiates the tolls in accordance with the emissions from the different vehicles. This was decided on October 25th by the European Parliament when the new toll legislation system proposal was first presented to the members. The next step includes all of the negotiations which will take place in the European Union Council. The new taxation system which will affect all drivers and transport businesses, as well as the list of logistics companies from the International Forwarding Association, is expected to be… Read more

Cargo anti-theft measures

The volumes of the cargo being forwarded to different European destinations by the freight forwarders association are very large.  Apart from the growing number of services provided to the customers, such as door-to-door deliveries, cross-docking and in the near future, the use of drones for local deliveries, the forwarders throughout Europe are striving to prevent the cases of theft of goods and cargo during the forwarding. These occurrences are very rare, but still, they are very unpleasant for both the forwarders as well as for the customers.   Both inexpensive and precious loads become objects of theft Until recently, it… Read more

Forwarding complete or groupage container loads

Container shipments provide the convenience of forwarding goods and cargo to all European countries via the services of the European network for transportation. Containers provide protection for the shipments they are carrying from any negative weather conditions and impacts including: temperature, humidity and dust. They are easy to load, download and re-load which allows for cross-docking. The customers of the network of freight forwarders can choose the most suitable container transport services for their goods and cargo   Types of container transport With container shipments there are two main types of services provided: loading the cargo or goods of the… Read more

The responsibilities of freight forwarders Europe for European transport services in accordance to the CMR Convention

Apart from the wide variety of freight forwarding services via road transport, the European network for transportation also offers added security for the cargo being transported by strict compliance to the requirements for the drivers’ responsibilities in accordance to the CMR Convention.   The convention applies to all contracts for the shipment of cargo and goods via road transport from a destination in one country to a destination in another. At least one of these two countries needs to be a contracting party to the Convention.   Obligations of the carriers – the member companies of the European logistics network… Read more

Customs brokerage in the Europe-wide groupage transport service

When goods and cargo are being transported throughout Europe, they need to pass through customs, where all the required documents need to be submitted to the customs officials.  These documents are necessary for processing the goods as well as for releasing them form customs.  Forwarders throughout Europe offer customs brokerage for the preparation of all required documents. Special documents are required both for import and for export.     Direct customs brokerage for groupage transport service   Our network of freight forwarders Europe offers direct customs brokerage.  We are in touch with the customs posts and offer our customers settlement… Read more

IFA – Europe-wide groupage transport services

As a European network for logistics we are developing a Europe-wide groupage transport service. Regardless of which country and which destination you want to send your small shipments to, we are at your services.   Our European groupage services: solutions for all types of shipments   The groupage services which we provide to all destinations in Europe once a week, allow you to forward various freights in small shipments.  Apart from normal transportation, we offer groupage services for hazardous or for refrigerated goods.  You can rely on the European network for logistics for forwarding any kind of shipments with low… Read more

Groupage transport within Europe

The member companies of IFA perform the consolidation of different goods, usually packages and pallets, which are being transported to the same country on big pallets and in large containers, which consolidate the smaller shipments at  a lower and more economical price for the service. Consolidation of the groupage transport The consolidation consists of combining individual shipments, in order to fill an entire pallet or container.  When consolidated shipments are made in full containers in the European network for logistics, a better security for each separate shipment at a much lower transportation cost as compared to that of sending an… Read more

The European network for groupage transport

The European network for transportation consists of freight forwarding companies, which have joint forces for providing transportation and freight forwarding services, most of which are groupage consignments. The groupage transport service is offered as an integrated service attempting to combine the capabilities of the separate forwarding companies into offering opportunities for as many groupage services in Europe as possible. Expanding and diversification of the need for groupage services The international market for freight forwarding and transport services is constantly increasing and becoming more complex.  The increase as well as the diversification of the needs for groupage services is among the… Read more

Groupage shipment transportation in Europe

Groupage transport is essential for achieving intense trading in Europe with regular supply of goods. The International Forwarding Association plays an important part in this kind of transport. Commercial companies regularly need to transport groupage shipments so they can send regular small quantities of goods to maintain the stocks of goods in the chains of their distributors. Types of groupage transport according to duration Transportation of groupage shipments with European groupage services can be carried out either under conventional terms, or by express delivery if it’s urgently necessary to deliver new batches of goods. The advantages of goupage services in… Read more