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Groupage Services

Groupage Services to Ship Goods across Europe Cost-Effectively

Groupage shipping is a cost-effective way to transport goods across Europe, whether sending parcels or pallets. Forwarders work in cooperation and complement their services to cover various market segments and ship across borders.

Benefits for Businesses and Individual Customers

European groupage services

European groupage services are available to both individuals and business customers and can be tiered into other shipping services, including sea freight and air cargo. The main benefits of consolidating freight include lower transportation costs and flexibility to use the services of different carriers, depending on location. Other benefits for customers include control on delivery, reliability, fast transit times, and scheduled direct departures.

Groupage services are a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to ship a certain quantity which is small enough to fill a container. Consolidating goods for which speedy delivery is not required is a cost-effective way of shipping as businesses don’t have to pay for transporting an entire container.

European Haulage and Services Offered

The choice of an operator and the services available depend on location. When shipping from Spain to Germany, for example, trustworthy Spanish operators to rely on are Intertransit S. A., Ares Group Bilbao, and Ares Group Barcelona. They offer land, air, and sea transport, customs clearance, express van services, logistics services, and full and consolidated loads. For transport from Germany to Spain, reliable partners of IFA in Germany are Schmalz & Schön Logistics GMBH, Schmalz & Schön Eastcargo GMBH, and Insatransport Speditions GMBH, among others. The selection of services they offer includes sea and air freight, fulfilment and warehousing, domestic transports, and European groupage. Many European logistics companies have partners in 20 or more countries, including France, Estonia, Slovakia, Norway, Portugal, Belgium, and Austria.

The full array of groupage services offered by European carriers includes special and courier deliveries, document creation and customs clearance, and freight and transport management. The selection of services that operators offer also includes imports from selected countries, direct exports to all destinations, full and part truck loads across Europe, and direct shipping to all major cities at short intervals. Just-in-time and express transport are two options that customers benefit from.

Additional services offered for groupage shipping include electronic invoicing, text and email status updates, proof of delivery, 24/7 customer service, and customs clearance support. Other services offered by operators are customs inventory, cargo handling and storage, cash on delivery, and tail-lift deliveries.


Transport costs depend on factors such as delivery and collection address, weight, and size of goods. The more flexible the customer is when it comes to delivery times, the more competitive the rate will be. Another way to reduce shipping costs is to palletize freight, which also helps lower the risk of damage. Some forwarders also have weight and size restrictions, and customers pay additional costs for items that exceed them. Customers that require frequent shipments may be offered volume discounts as well as access to an electronic data interexchange facility for direct order placement.