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Warehousing logistics

Depots and Carriers Struggling with Excess Container Capacity

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, sea freight in Europe faced a shortage of containers. Today we’re having the opposite problem: an excess of containers. In addition to declining rates, depots are either full or are quickly filling up, with some operating at 99 to 100 percent capacity. This trend is associated with a decline in global demand, combined with an impending recession. The fact that many operators bought new containers for one-way sailings is only aggravating the situation further.   Why Are Depots Facing Excess Depot managers point to the fact that container volume has skyrocketed to the… Read more

Four Types of Warehouses and How They Work

When people think of warehouses, the image of a dark, cold, and dusty place usually comes to mind. Yet, today’s facilities are modern, clean, and full of light. They keep goods safe, meet urgent demand, and keep the economy moving. Here are 4 types of warehouses and the functions they serve.   Cold Storage Cold storage warehouses are used to keep temperature-sensitive and perishable goods at a specific temperature. They enable cosmetics, artwork, medicines, plants, and foods to have longer lives and maintain their quality and integrity. The types of items that require cold storage include: Aircraft components Hides, wool,… Read more

How IFA is assisting European business with it Warehousing logistics

The companies from the International Forwarding Association are well aware of the importance of the storage and distribution services they provide for the different businesses in Europe. Warehousing is a must for the majority of businesses which produce, export, import or transport goods. Although it may seem like an unneeded expense, the truth is that successfully selling products is not completed by simply fulfilling an order by a customer. A warehouse like those offered by the European network for transportation allows businesses to have better and closer control over their inventory, as well as ensure that the clients receive the… Read more