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Why Worker Shortages

Covid-19 Restrictions Push Transport Workers to the Brink

Airline staff, truck drivers, and seafarers have been subject to testing requirements, travel restrictions, and quarantines to keep global supply chains moving during a prolonged pandemic. Many are on the brink of exhaustion, which is yet another threat to carriers shipping cargo around the globe. In September, industry groups sent an open letter to the UN General Assembly, highlighting the need to ensure that transport workers are given vaccine priority. The letter also stresses the importance of freedom of movement for transport staff.     Why Worker Shortages? According to industry experts, all shipping sectors are faced with worker shortages… Read more

Maritime Shipping Crisis End

When Will the Maritime Shipping Crisis End?

A year and a half since the pandemic started, shipping cargo from China to Europe now costs 6 times more than it did back in 2019. Surging costs have only made the situation worse, adding to existing problems such as the high cost of raw materials and the global semiconductor shortage. There is only a 5 percent increase in demand for shipping worldwide, with contraction partly due to the rise in Covid-19 cases. In addition to low demand, there are other factors causing strain on the maritime supply chain. Container Turnaround Times The turnaround times for ships, trailers, and containers… Read more

Increase in Consumer Demand Driving Product Shortages

Increase in Consumer Demand Driving Product Shortages

The global logistics crisis is not solely caused by a spike in consumer demand but it is a factor that can’t be overlooked. When the pandemic started, shipping fell due to uncertainty how lockdowns and social distancing measures would affect consumer demand. Crew safety has also been a source of concern. Then the situation changed on a global scale as consumers were forced to limit their spending on dining out and travel. Many shifted to digital. They began buying electronics, home and office equipment, vehicles, and other goods to make lockdown life more bearable.     Trends With commercial vessels… Read more

Cut Carbon Emissions

Urgent Measures Needed to Cut Carbon Emissions

Commercial ships are responsible for about 1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis or 3 percent of total emissions. Experts explain that if vessels were a country, it would be the world’s sixth biggest polluter. Unless urgent action is taken, shipping greenhouse gas emissions are forecasted to reach up to 130 percent of their 2008 levels in just three decades.   1997 Kyoto Protocol The Kyoto Protocol set targets for industrialized economies and nations to reduce their carbon emissions and slow down the onset of global warming. While targets vary by country, the US committed to… Read more

Global Trade Struggling

Global Trade Struggling Due to a Confluence of Events

A series of events is driving global trade to a breaking point, from cyber threats at major South African ports to natural disasters in Germany and China and a new wave of Covid-19 and cases rising worldwide. According to shipping experts, economists, and businesses, the effect is an interrupted flow of consumer goods, parts, and raw materials. The Delta Variant The new Delta variant of Covid-19 has already plagued parts of Asia, forcing many states to restrict land access for seafarers. Some 100,000 sailors are currently stranded onboard as captains are unable to rotate crews. Industry insiders warn that we… Read more


Distri24 – a new Benelux distribution division, composed and implemented by Corneel Geerts

Distri24 is the new distribution division, composed and implemented by Corneel Geerts Transport Group and operating since April 2021 via its depot (Hub) in Venlo. It is a parallelized freight distribution network with a fast and reliable national coverage, serving a wide variety of customers. The service is provided in collaboration with local partners for the Netherlands and Luxembourg and has its own logistics infrastructure. The transports between the logistic branches are carried out overnight to save time. The size of the shipments can vary from one pallet to several. Distri24 guarantees delivery within 24-48 hours in the Benelux, depending… Read more

Air Freight Prices

Air Freight Prices in the New Normal

The congestion caused by a recent outbreak in Southern China has been expected to impact air freight in summer. Yet, despite predictions that the chaos at major ports would cause a modal shift from sea to air, the volume of converted orders has only slightly increased. Experts are not really sure why this is happening but it can be high air freight rates that are causing drop in demand.   Reasons for High Rates About ¾ of freight capacity was removed in 2020 due to a significant reduction in travel. Demand for personal protective equipment skyrocketed, resulting in record high… Read more

Supply Chain Disruptions

Shipping Rates Set to Skyrocket due to New Outbreak in China

The freight transport industry has suffered significant supply chain disruptions due to the ongoing global health crisis. Intermodal transport in Europe, including truck carriers and railroad shippers, has been affected. Ports around the world have seen a reduction in cargo volumes due to uncertainty. Parcel delivery companies have been the least affected as they face less competition from cargo transported by air. Now due to a new outbreak in China, a shipping crisis is looming. Effect of Supply Chain Disruptions before the New Outbreak in China Disruptions are set to continue throughout 2021, possibly resulting in Christmas shortages. The industry… Read more

Truck Driver Shortages

Global Economic Downturn Increases Truck Driver Shortages

Logistics companies are increasingly faced with a shortage of commercial truck drivers due to a combination of global economic downturn, Covid-19, and the Brexit. Driver shortages have been a global problem even before the start of the coronavirus crisis but recent studies predict a 25 percent increase across all EU member countries. A combination of factors that industry experts have been warning about for a long time, driver shortages have resulted in a situation where European logistics companies and businesses find it increasingly difficult to move goods to shelves on time. They are also increasingly facing higher operating costs for… Read more

ernational Shipping Industry

India’s Surge in Infections Rocks the International Shipping Industry

Dry bulk and tanker shipping for outbound and inbound trade to India have become expensive due to the recent coronavirus outbreak in India. The country is one of the major exporters of dry bulk commodities and refined products such as salt, steel, pellets, and iron ore. India also imports significant volumes of crude oil, vegetable oils, and coal. Yet, countries around the world have barred ships from berthing at their ports if they arrive from India and have called any Indian port during the last 2 – 4 weeks. For this reason, some shipping companies are seeking premiums for discharging… Read more

Logistics Trends to Watch for in 2021

4 Logistics Trends to Watch for in 2021

2020 has been a challenging and difficult year for global populations. The changes in how we live, work, and connect with others have been fundamental, with a shift to digital and the proliferation of Internet commerce. Other areas such as economic growth and fighting global poverty took a step back. The logistics industry has been one of the most impacted by the global pandemic, and some interesting trends have surfaced. From contactless deliveries and omnichannel services to green logistics, demand for refrigerated goods, and robotic process automation, here are some of the trends to watch for. Contactless Deliveries and Omnichnnel… Read more


Hakull-Group 75 years

It is a strong name in the Norwegian Transport and Forwarding industry, which in 2021 looks back on 75 years of operation. We are quite proud, still being a family owned business in a market consisting of major constellations. Nevertheless, the Hakull-group is a strong brand looking back on 75 years.     Today owners are Gudmund Hakull (73), Kjartan Hakull (50) and Lena Hakull (47). The financial situation in the group is solid. Total turnover last year passed € 55 Million Tallak Hovstad (55) is another key person in the Group. He started in the company back in 1996…. Read more

China’s Lockdown to Global Structural Imbalances

From China’s Lockdown to Global Structural Imbalances

Every stage of the global supply chain is facing a shipping crisis and forcing forwarders to make significant changes to their operations. Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions have already resulted in additional operating expenses for businesses and reduced customer satisfaction. The main issue is the higher freight rates due to the difficulty of booking shipping slots, especially on certain dates, with many deliberating on keeping safety stocks. This strategy allows them to build extra time and use raw materials between deliveries. Some plants have even taken downtime due to shortages of raw materials. Others, especially in China, shut down temporarily because… Read more

Rail Freight

End of China’s Rail Freight Subsidies and Impact on Stakeholders

Rail freight is a cost-effective alternative to air freight for shipping cargo from China to Europe. Air delivery is expensive for both consignees and shippers while ocean freight transit times are slower, making rail transport a solution that sits in between. Why Use Rail Freight for Shipments from China As the borders between Europe and China remain open amidst the pandemic, rail freight is not facing any serious disruptions. There is also a trend of shipping more medical supplies and personal protective equipment by railway instead of by air freight. This is because demand has slowed down in recent months,… Read more

Drug Shortages

Drug Shortages due to Reduced Freight Capacity

Europe is now facing coronavirus drug shortages due to reduced freight capacity and more specifically air freight capacity. As many countries have imposed lockdowns, travel bans, and other restrictions, airlines are forced to have their aircraft grounded. Experts predict that the demand for drugs will continue to increase as the pandemic spreads all over the world. How Aircraft Grounding Affects Supply Last month Medicines for Europe Director-General Adrian van den Hoven warned that drug chain supply from countries such as India and China is essential for European states. Shipping drugs across the globe is critical and should be done fast… Read more

Maritime Shipping

Coronavirus Outbreak May Lead to a Shipping Crisis

More and more retailers in North America and Europe are shutting down, which may lead to a significant decline in shipped volumes. This is mainly the result of social lockdowns that are enforced in many countries. How Maritime Shipping Is Affected Analyst Sealntelligence Consulting explained that a 10 percent decline in shipments is expected, resulting in just 80 million teu processed in ports and 17 million teu shipped by fleets across the world. In addition to stores shutting down, restrictions in place at ports have further impacted global container shipping. Some ports have even banned ships from countries with coronavirus… Read more

Sea freight in Europe

Coronavirus Measures at Ports and Their Impact on Sailings

European countries have implemented different measures and restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which to varying degrees have an impact on the logistics and transportation sector. Some of these measures specifically apply to ports and may be of interest to European logistics providers.   France The French authorities ordered a sanitary watch for several ports, among which Le Havre and Rouen. In case that Masters of vessels notice any symptoms of infection among crew, they are required to submit a health maritime declaration form and notify their agent without undue delay. Masters submitting a maritime declaration of health… Read more

supply chain disruptions

Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak on Maritime and Air Shipping

The coronavirus outbreak and associated civil and health protection measures may have a serious impact on the EU economy. The EU Commission and other institutions are closely following developments in different sectors, including tourism, trade, transportation, and manufacturing.   Impact on Sea Transport According to the International Chamber of Shipping, shipping by container vessels from China has dropped by 1/3 during the last month alone. Companies have already begun to cut the number of vessels sailing from various destinations around the world. This is especially true for China, the second largest economy where major industries have been seriously affected. Keeping… Read more

logistics business

Interview with Marc Geerts, CEO of Corneel Geerts Transportgroup NV

Trucking on with the third generation of hauliers Managing succession from one generation to the next is a process that all family companies must periodically face. For road haulage and logistics specialist Corneel Geerts Transportgroup NV in Belgium, 2020 is the year that the third generation takes over the reins and is entrusted with steering the company’s future course. Departing CEO, Marc Geerts, has every confidence that his three sons are more than capable of rising to the challenge of helming a family company with three strategic hubs in Belgium, 200 employees and annual turnover of 25 million EUR.  … Read more

international freight forwarding

Driverless Trucks and the Future of Autonomous Technologies

Autonomous cars and trucks are expected to transform the logistics industry, and many freight forwarders are willing to use autonomous technologies for shipping and other logistics processes. The main reason is that businesses are increasingly faced with a demand for quicker deliveries coupled with a high labor shortage. Experts also estimate that the use of autonomous vehicles will reduce shipping costs by 45 percent. What the Near Future Holds in Store Industry experts point to the fact that fully autonomous vehicles will not be available for 50 years or even longer. Semi-autonomous vehicles will only help drivers to avoid traffic… Read more