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How gamification can help improve the logistics performance of IFA

For years, various logistics companies from the European logistics network have been using gamification as a tool for educating, motivating and improving the performance of the employees of the international freight forwarding companies.

What is gamification and how it can affect the quality of the services provided by the International Forwarding Association

Gamification is the implementation of game design elements or game principles in a non-game situation. Since games have the power to make people take actions against their own interests without being forced and in a predictable way, they are a great way to motivate people to improve their performance in order to achieve the set goals.

Of course, in order for gamification to be a successful approach, the appropriate venture which needs to be achieved must be set.

It is a fact that gamification can be a very successful strategy in the area of logistics, storage and distribution, and in all parts of the supply chain management provided by international freight forwarders.


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The benefits of implementing gamification in logistics

Gamification is especially useful when it comes to motivating people to perform better and more efficiently at the jobs which require a lot of repetitiveness and intensive work, such as manual storage order picking for distribution or for preparing small shipments, and for other services provided by the forwarders throughout Europe.

These types of jobs require combining items, receiving them, storing, packing, labeling and ordering them. Since all these need to be done efficiently and precisely by the employees of the European logistics companies, implementing such challenges and game-based solutions can largely increase their motivation by relieving them from the monotony and fatigue.

Gamification can be used by the members of the European network for transportation in the form of missions, in which trophies for achieving particular goals, performing certain tasks or completing certain orders can be offered to the employees. This will make the workers from the list of logistics companies to become more motivated, to work faster and more efficiently and to make fewer mistakes.

Not only will the motivation of the employees of the companies in the international freight forwarders network be boosted via the implementation of gamification, but their satisfaction level will be enhanced as well.

Thanks to the innovative developments in the logistics management and warehouse management systems being implemented in a number of companies from the freight forwarders association, today the management can easily design and configure different gamification challenges and scenarios to motivate the employees to work to improve the freight forwarders services provided.

Some of the benefits of gamification for the freight forwarders network include

  • An introduction of a competitive element which will enhance the execution
  • An addition of an interesting element to the otherwise mundane and repetitive chore
  • A feeling of involvement and engagement of the personnel
  • A sense of achievement resulting from the awarded levels, trophies, titles, statuses, rewards and other incitements
  • A sense of excitement and fun as well as a need to perform better

Thanks to the advanced mobile technology, logistics companies from the freight forwarders directory can implement gamification not only in their warehouses but in their truck and other vehicle fleets providing transportation services, office employees and in all other areas.