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Storage and distribution

Advancing Freight Forwarding with Innovations in Packaging

The evolution of packaging within the freight forwarding industry is marking significant strides towards sustainability and efficiency. Key innovations driving this change include sustainable packaging materials, high-performance barrier films, and collapsible and foldable packaging solutions.   Sustainable Packaging Materials The shift towards sustainable packaging involves using materials that are either biodegradable, recyclable, or sourced from renewable resources. Materials such as corrugated cardboard, bioplastics, and plant-based packing peanuts are replacing traditional plastics and polystyrene foam, which signals a new era of eco-friendly solutions in freight forwarding. At the same time, effectively integrating these packaging solutions requires understanding of the protective qualities… Read more

Is Shipping Covid-19 Vaccines by Rail Freight a Solution

Being a perishable, temperature-sensitive commodity, vaccines are normally shipped by air. Amidst an ongoing pandemic in its second year, global rollout is the key to controlling the virus but airlines have been forced to scale down operations. This is mainly due to a significant decline in passenger traffic and flight restrictions. With hundreds of planes grounded for months, virtually all airlines have been hard hit. But even operating at full capacity, 8,000 Boing 747 cargo planes would be needed to deliver vaccines globally to each of the world’s 7.8 billion people. Not only this but shipping costs will increase substantially… Read more

Warehouse Management Systems to Effectively Monitor Real-Time Activities

With the advance of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics and the ever increasing automation of processes, warehouse management systems help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and effectively manage supply chain operations. Management systems help freight forwarders to streamline operations such as shipping, storage, order receipt, and inventory management and counts. Warehouse Control Systems As advanced software applications, warehouse control systems help manage and oversee real-time activities in distribution centers and warehouses. Software applications direct multiple processes such as planning, balancing workflow, controlling handling equipment, and monitoring performance. Warehouse control systems also enable businesses to manage and monitor technologies such as… Read more

The upcoming plans for using drones for distribution

Amazon and other retailers and freight forwarders are already experimenting with the use of drones for quick, cheap and efficient distribution. Walmart and others are using drones for their warehouse inventory management. More tech companies are working on designing and making unmanned aerial vehicles or use for storage and distribution by retailers, manufacturers and by international freight forwarders.   How can IFA benefit from the use of drones? The companies from the European logistics network are always working on finding the most efficient solutions to make their international freight forwarding and their international freight services faster and less expensive for… Read more

Storage and distribution of European freight forwarding

The intensive trade within Europe has led to the increased of demand for freight forwarding services.  The European network for logistics meets this demand by offering optimal offers and delivery terms to all European countries, through the network of the member companies. As for those retailers who need storage and distribution services, freight forwarders offer their network of warehouses and other storages, where the goods can be stored until their distribution to the final destinations.   Storage The warehouses of the member companies of the European Network for Logistics Services are large enough to be able to store large volumes… Read more

The latest challenges in improving storage and distribution

The newest challenges which the European logistics companies are facing in regard to improving warehouse and storage logistics are intertwined with the growing environmental awareness. The global striving towards lowering carbon emissions, along with saving resources and efficient energy use has an impact both on the shipping itself, as well as the storage and distribution processes.  The new challenges are leading factors for the storage and distribution activities for all freight forwarding companies, which are members of the European transportation network – the International Forwarding Association (IFA). The new challenges include the optimization and automation of the storage and distribution… Read more