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Storage and distribution of European freight forwarding

The intensive trade within Europe has led to the increased of demand for freight forwarding services.  The European network for logistics meets this demand by offering optimal offers and delivery terms to all European countries, through the network of the member companies. As for those retailers who need storage and distribution services, freight forwarders offer their network of warehouses and other storages, where the goods can be stored until their distribution to the final destinations.



The warehouses of the member companies of the European Network for Logistics Services are large enough to be able to store large volumes of different types of goods. The warehouses are located in all main destinations in nearly every European country, which allows us to offer storage and stock maintenance for providing regular deliveries to the end destinations to all traders in Europe.


Advantages for using the storage network of the IFA member companies

  • The customers’ goods are stored in accordance to the temperature, humidity and other conditions for maintaining their quality and their appearance
  • All warehouses of freight forwarders Europe are guarded 24/7, so the goods stored there are safe at all times
  • If our customer wants an inventory done, the network of freight forwarders offers a full inventory of their goods stored in our storages
  • In addition to storage, we also offer loading and unloading, as well as controlling these operations for compliance to the requirements for quality and quantity
  • In order to allow our customers to perform direct deliveries, we also offer cross docking
  • You can organize the orders from your clients on the phone, or by e-mail or fax
  • Managing the stocks of goods in our storages is easily done through modern management systems


Distribution of goods

Forwarders throughout Europe also offer to perform distribution services from our storages throughout Europe. Our customers can organize the distribution of any product, component, part or material in accordance to the desired frequency of distribution. You can take advantage of the following distribution services we offer:

  • Distribution from warehouse to warehouse
  • Distribution from storage to door
  • Distribution of goods out of work hours and on weekends and public holidays
  • Distribution of all kinds of goods which require special conditions in order to keep them safely stored
  • Distribution of perishable goods with the help of specialised refrigerated trucks
  • For flammable or corrosive substances and other dangerous loads, we can provide you with specialized vehicles and transportation means


Additional packing services

When the distribution requires packing and unpacking, the member companies of the European network for transportation offer to provide such services too. Our customers can take advantage of our packing services which can be done with different materials, depending on your needs and requirements, including:

  • Packing with paper
  • Packing with wooden boards
  • Packing with shrink film

And other materials.


The European logistics companies offer:

  • Packing separate commodities
  • Packing and unpacking of entire pallets
  • Packing each type of goods in suitable packaging
  • Mobile printing
  • Placing labels and barcodes