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Railway transport in Europe

Environmental and Climatic Threats to EU Rail Freight Forwarding

Rail freight forwarding in the EU is not immune to the growing environmental and climatic challenges that threaten its operations and efficiency. As our world grapples with unpredictable weather patterns, the sector faces a series of threats, including extreme weather events, temperature fluctuations, infrastructure failures, and environmental degradation. Each of these has the potential to disrupt operations and increase costs, directly impacting European logistics companies.   Extreme Weather Events One of the most immediate and visible threats to rail operations is extreme weather events. Ranging from severe storms to prolonged heat waves, these events can damage tracks, signalling systems, and… Read more

From Food to Vehicles: Items That Can Be Shipped by Railroad

Rail transport is commonly used to move heavy and bulky cargo across long distances. The main types of cargo that are transported by rail include consumer goods, special cargo, and electronics. The many advantages to using rail transport are safety, lower fuel consumption, capacity, and cost-effectiveness. Also, as rail freight allows for moving large shipments, it is often used to transport construction and building materials, beverages and food, liquids, vehicles, and small cargo in large quantities.   Construction and Building Materials Construction materials are often shipped by train, including shingles, bricks, and metal coils. Other items include: Rebar Paper Asphalt… Read more