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Hakull-Group 75 years

It is a strong name in the Norwegian Transport and Forwarding industry, which in 2021 looks back on 75 years of operation.

We are quite proud, still being a family owned business in a market consisting of major constellations.

Nevertheless, the Hakull-group is a strong brand looking back on 75 years.


Today owners are Gudmund Hakull (73), Kjartan Hakull (50) and Lena Hakull (47). The financial situation in the group is solid. Total turnover last year passed € 55 Million

Tallak Hovstad (55) is another key person in the Group. He started in the company back in 1996. Today he act as CEO in higkull Eiendom (Real Estate) and further taking care of finance in the Group.

The Hakull-Group employs approx 250 persons. Many of our employees has quite impressive seniority in the company, which we consider as a strength.

In the early years, transport was the main business, but during the latest 25 years, also developing real estate has been a core business. Today, the two business areas Transport and Real Estate is approximately of the same size when it comes to financial result.



1-IgkuII Eiendom AS (Real Estate) were formed as own company back in 1988. The purpose of Hakull Eiendom AS was to build and develop terminals and offices for the various companies in the group. Today it consist of 15 own various plants and more than 70000 sqm rented out. 2/3’rds of these real estates are in Sandnes area. The rest is situated in Kristiansand (NO) and in Norresundby (DK). Hakull Eiendom will continue to develop real estate on its own as well as together with other partners.



Slowly started back in 1940, when Kristen Hakull from Skjold bought a farm at a place called Volstad. The first truck was a reality in 1946, at a time when everybody was eager to get business running after the war.

Our founder, in addition to run the farm, also soon expanding with more trucks.

The activity grew and company moved to Alggrd (outside Sandnes), with residence some year before finally moving to Sandnes.