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International Forwarding Association Blog » News » Warehouse Park Soon to Open Doors in Slovakia
Mountpark Logistics

Warehouse Park Soon to Open Doors in Slovakia


The site is expected to serve as a major logistics centre due to its convenient location close to major manufacturing facilities, Bratislava International Airport, the city centre, and connections to the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria. The site is found just 19 km from the city centre, 11 km from the airport, 0.5 km from the highway, and 82 km and 190 km from Vienna and Budapest, respectively.

Warehouse Park

Demand for Logistics Facilities

Mountpark Managing Director for Central Europe Mario Sander highlights the fact that the demand for logistics facilities is growing. Growing demand can be explained with Bratislava’s location in the heart of Central Europe. To this, Mountpark is designed to serve as a major distribution location and warehouse accommodation that will benefit from skilled and educated labor force. The units will range from 10,000 sq. m. to 85,000 sq. m., and construction is expected to begin in 2020.



The main focus is on performance and flexibility to ensure easy maintenance, employee satisfaction, and productivity. External and internal planning aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus minimize the negative impact of warehouse parks on the environment. Occupiers benefit from external and landscaping amenities, energy-efficient design, and easy access for pedestrians, cars, and heavy goods vehicles. The goal is to accommodate the requirements of major international freight services and industrial players. They benefit from internal and external space features such as gas heating, wall cladding, insulated roofing, electrically operated access doors, and steel fibre reinforced concrete slabs. IFA members that operate in Europe will benefit from the hub’s geographical location and proximity to Central European markets, thus being able to offer cost-efficient services and custom solutions to a larger pool of European and international businesses.