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How IFA is assisting European business with it Warehousing logistics

The companies from the International Forwarding Association are well aware of the importance of the storage and distribution services they provide for the different businesses in Europe.

Warehousing is a must for the majority of businesses which produce, export, import or transport goods. Although it may seem like an unneeded expense, the truth is that successfully selling products is not completed by simply fulfilling an order by a customer. A warehouse like those offered by the European network for transportation allows businesses to have better and closer control over their inventory, as well as ensure that the clients receive the products they have ordered in a timely manner. This service offered by the international freight forwarders association, in fact, brings profit to the businesses due to the improved customer experience.



Warehousing can improve inventory management

However shocking it may seem, nearly 8% of all small businesses do not have a system for tracking their inventory, and 24% do not have inventory at all. This leads to problems with delayed or canceled orders and forwarding and overall poor customer experience.

Thanks to the warehousing, storage and distribution and contract logistics services provide by the members of the freight forwarders association, it is much easier for small and large businesses to track as well as to manage their inventories.

The warehouses provided by the list of logistics companies from the freight forwarders network are perfect for centralizing the location of all products offered by businesses, and thus make tracking and managing them much easier. Businesses which decide to invest in the warehousing services offered by the companies from the European logistics network are able to store, distribute and transport their goods much more efficiently. In case something is out of stock, the business will be alerted right away so that the customers can be provided with alternative options, instead of canceling their orders.

The storage and distribution services offered by IFA can help make packaging and processing more efficient

The European logistics companies are specialized not only in storing, forwarding and distributing the goods of their customers but also in packing them, loading docks and pallet racking. This can save the businesses a lot of money by keeping all of their goods in one secure place.

The businesses can rely on the list of logistics companies to pack and grade their products in accordance with the customer’s request as well as the legal requirements for their forwarding and delivery.

Using a warehousing service offered by the European logistics companies can save businesses a lot of money for hiring personnel for the fulfillment and pickup of their goods.

Warehousing also improves customer service

Statistics show that nearly 65% of all online customers expect to know the estimated delivery time of their orders as well as a guarantee for a timely delivery. And nearly 90% of all customers are ready to pay more for faster delivery.

Businesses need to keep their customers happy if they want to grow and beat the competition. With an excellent storage and distribution service such as that offered by the forwarders throughout Europe, keeping the customers satisfied is easy. The happier their customers are, the better thei revenues and their brand image will be.