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International Forwarding Association Blog » European groupage services » How to Choose a Provider That Offers European Groupage Services
Groupage Services

How to Choose a Provider That Offers European Groupage Services

Groupage services allow customers to transport small shipments domestically and internationally, whether sending consignments, boxes, or pallets.

Forwarders that offer haulage services and ship items across the EU or import goods spread out the costs so that customers benefit from optimal value. With partners in all major cities across Europe, they are able to provide personalized, reliable, safe, and fast groupage solutions.

Provider That Offers European Groupage Services

Factors to Consider

The main factors that influence cost include weight and dimensions, final destination, place of loading, and distance. The mode of transportation, whether by sea, land, or air also influences pricing.  The same goes for combining intermodal transportation services.

How to Choose a Provider

Whenever you need to transport small shipments, the choice of an operator is also an important consideration. The first thing to inquire about is where the freight forwarder is located. Take into account factors such as proximity to airports, waterways, and motorways and fleet of vehicles. Operators that have different types of trailers accept a wide selection of goods. There are different types of trailers such as tyre, mega, double deck, and box trailers. Another factor to consider is whether the company offers additional services such as storage and distribution, transportation management, transloading, and final mile delivery. Check whether they offer document services such as:

  • Help with customs clearance
  • Reviewing and preparing documentation
  • Obtaining documents such as inspection certificates and insurance
  • Amending document mistakes
  • Notarizing invoices

Obviously, it is also important to choose an approved and licensed provider, and the choice depends on location as well. If you are shipping goods from Italy to Holland, for instance, reliable IFA partners in Italy include forwarders such as Prisma Logistics SPA, Nuova Transports SPA, and  Ceccarelli S.r.l., to name a few. They offer a wide variety of services such as non-European and European transportation, national distribution, export and import services, and services on request. When shipping from the Netherlands to Italy, Corneel Geerts International Forwarding BV is an established operator and an IFA member to rely on. Dutch freight forwarders ship a wide variety of goods, including consumer and exhibition goods, garden and lawn equipment, industrial goods, automotive parts, and sensitive and high value items. Customers can choose from different service levels, including premium and standard. Those who opt for the standard service can expect shipment to take place in 2 – 5 days, which fits the requirements of about ¾ of customers. The premium level guarantees faster delivery times and typically a 24-hour faster shipping, as there is less handling and X-docking involved. Currently, European groupage services are offered by IFA members operating in more than 20 EU countries, among which Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, Slovenia, and others.

Finally, when choosing a provider, it is important to inquire whether they offer cargo insurance, especially when shipping fragile or high value items. Check if they have a transparent pricing structure so that you only pay what you initially negotiated.