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International Forwarding Association Blog » European groupage services » Groupage Services for Safe and Affordable Shipping
Groupage Services

Groupage Services for Safe and Affordable Shipping

Also referred to as shared shipping, groupage services combine smaller-sized shipments and are ideal for customers who want to move their personal belongings.

Who Benefits from Groupage

Groupage services are often used by recent expats who want to move their belongings to a new location. They are also ideal for students enrolled in a university in a foreign country who want to bring some extra luggage with them. Groupage services are also used by persons who are planning on relocating to another country for a relatively shorter period. Those who have excess baggage also benefit from shared shipping.

small shipments

Benefits for Customers

There are plenty of benefits for customers who are looking to send small shipments. When items cannot make for a full container, it is more affordable to group them together with other shipments. In this case, customers share the price proportionately to save on shipping costs.

Forwarders that offer groupage services pool their resources to be able to meet timelines. Sharing resources also results in reduced costs for customers. Given that groupage can be integrated into sea freight and air cargo, forwarders are able to offer cost-effective shared shipping solutions.

And because many EU forwarders work in close cooperation, customers also benefit from a cross-dock network spanning across most of Europe. So, for example, when shipping from Austria to Hungary and looking for a list of logistics companies that are reliable, Austrian operators to use the services of include Schneider & Peklar and Keimelmayr Speditions und Transport GmbH. They can help transport goods reliably, affordably, safely, and quickly and at times that suit customers. The selection of services that customers can choose from includes special or heavy transport, full and part load shipments, express or scheduled transport, and international and national groupage services. They also offer storage in video monitored and temperature controlled warehouses.

For transport from Hungary to Austria, reliable IFA partners are KS Spedition & Logistic Kft and Ghabze Solutions Europe Ltd. They specialize in import and trade activities and offer the full suite of services, including domestic distribution, warehousing, pick and pack, repacking, and logistics services. Additional services include:

  • Temporary warehousing
  • Customs warehousing
  • Customs services and clearances
  • Door to door and express delivery
  • Domestic and international road transport
  • Specialized transportation
  • Air and sea freight
  • Electronic clearance
  • Document handling
  • Imports and exports
  • Labelling and samples
  • Item-based data handling
  • Transit warehousing
  • Groupage services

Quality management systems are used for logistics consulting, international shipping, distribution, and forwarding.

Shipping Costs

Costs depend on a number of variables such as time of year, volume, final destination, and origin. In some cases, surcharges for security measures may apply. Other factors to take into account are whether currency adjustment and customs clearance documents are required.  Some forwarders also charge extra for freight tracking but the majority of operators feature this as standard.

Many operators offer personalized quotes based on origin and destination, description of goods, and dimensions such as length, width, height, and weight.