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Groupage shipment transportation in Europe

Groupage transport is essential for achieving intense trading in Europe with regular supply of goods. The International Forwarding Association plays an important part in this kind of transport.

Commercial companies regularly need to transport groupage shipments so they can send regular small quantities of goods to maintain the stocks of goods in the chains of their distributors.

Types of groupage transport according to duration

Transportation of groupage shipments with European groupage services can be carried out either under conventional terms, or by express delivery if it’s urgently necessary to deliver new batches of goods.

The advantages of goupage services in sending shipments in Europe

The main advantage provided by the network of groupage services of the European groupage services is the ability to offer competitive prices for services providing groupage transport.

Another advantage is the possibility of receiving confirmation of delivery from customers upon receiving the groupage shipment. That way traders using groupage transport for shipments in Europe can be notified immediately that the delivery has been completed.

Using different modes of transportation for groupage shipments in Europe

Europe’s location enables the use of different modes of transportation: land, water, air and combined.

Land transport

This type of transport along with water transport is the main means of transportation for groupage shipments. It’s suitable for shipment under conventional terms when the goods being transported don’t require special treatment. Groupage shipments of confection are the most common types of goods usually sent by land transport.

Water transport for groupage shipments within Europe

With water transport, which is mainly carried out by sea European groupage services offer transportation of goods under conventional terms without the need of express delivery. The transportation of goods is carried out in containers of the following types:

  • Standard containers
  • LCL (Less than Container Load) containers – filled with items from various senders, in order to achieve maximum use of the volume of the container
  • Open containers
  • Refrigerated containers – for transporting groupage shipments of goods requiring special temperature conditions

Combined transport for groupage shipments

Combined transport utilizes modes of transportation, which guarantee optimal prices for groupage shipments due to the selection of an optimal route. Combined transport for groupage shipments includes combinations such as land-sea or air-sea.

Additional security with insurance for groupage shipments

Customers sending groupage shipments within Europe receive additional security with the ability to insure the shipments. Payment of the insurance fees can be combined with the transfer of the shipment to the company carrying out the transportation.