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The factors which IFA takes into consideration for your product packaging

The International Forwarding Association knows how much impact your product packaging has on your entire supply chain including the storage and distribution as well as on the International freight forwarding.

This is why the international freight forwarders always strive to do the best to optimize it for your best interest.

Why is the packaging so important for the freight forwarders network and for our customers?

Proper packaging of small shipments, complete loads and oversized cargo is essential not only to protect the goods and cargo from damage and contamination but is also crucial for the goal of achieving green logistics by the member companies of the European network for transportation.


Here are the factors which the European logistics network take into consideration when packing your shipments

The packaging materials used

The international freight forwarders network uses a wide range of packaging options suitable for all kinds of cargo and goods, including those which require specialized transportation, shipments of hazardous goods and for their distribution.

The experts from the international freight forwarders association carefully study each step of the process in order to identify the potential risks for the shipments of all international freight services they provide. Such risks can include environmental, mechanical and other factors during the loading, shipment, storage, and distribution of the goods or cargo.

Of course, the cost of the packaging materials used by the freight forwarders association is also a vital factor which is why the risks of damage are assessed in order to find the best-priced option for the customers of the European logistics services.

Optimizing the space by the freight transport association

The forwarders throughout Europe are well aware that the better the optimization of the space during the transport and storage of the goods – the lower the price for the services, such as contract logistics, integrated transport, and the European groupage services will be.

By ensuring that the packaging is compact enough and that the warehouses and transport vehicles are properly loaded, the freight forwarders Europe guarantees that the international freight forwarding services provided are at the best possible prices for the customers. By providing pallet shipping and combining intermodal transportation services, the freight forwarders also help reduce the resources needed and the shipment time for the forwarding storage and distribution of the goods.

The dimensions of the packaging

The list of logistics companies will make sure that the packaging used for your goods or cargo is as compact as possible, in order to reduce the price of the services provided. Plus, the lesser space there is during the transport, the lower the chance of the goods or cargo being damaged.

For larger loads, we offer palletization, to protect the goods, and to make the loading and unloading processes faster and more efficient.

The companies from the freight forwarders directory will help choose the most suitable dimensions of the packaging in order to ensure that they take up minimal space and that the price for the services provided is as low as possible.