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Everything you need to know about logistics management

The member companies of the International Forwarding Association (IFA) are all specialized in logistics management.

Here is an overview of all you need to know about the term logistics management and how it is implemented by the European network for transportation:

What is logistics?

As you probably know, logistics is the process which the members of the freight forwarders directory use for the coordination and for moving goods, cargo and other resources, including machinery, food, inventory, materials, liquids, and even people from one location to another.

logistics management


Logistics was first introduced as a military term and was used to describe the ways in which the military obtained the equipment and supplies as well as its storage and distribution and how they are moved in accordance with the needs of the army.

When it comes to the use of logistics by the international forwarding network as part of the supply chain and business, the term stands for the management of the international freight services and the flow of goods, cargo and things from the production site or point of origin to the end point of consumption. This is done by the list of logistics companies in order to fulfill the demands of the customers and end-clients.

The logistics process includes all stages of the supply chain and production process including the making of the products, their packaging, their storage and distribution, the security measures, as well as the handling of the materials and the information flow.

What types of logistics are there?

The companies from the international freight forwarders association are specialized in various types of logistics services and management, including:

  • 3PL – third party logistics
  • 4PL – fourth party logistics
  • Outbound logistics
  • Inbound logistics
  • Green logistics
  • Reverse logistics
  • Construction logistics
  • Military logistics
  • Digital logistics
  • Others

What is logistics management?

Logistics Management as provided by the forwarders throughout Europe has a main goal on focusing on the effective and efficient management of all daily activities which are involved in the supply, distribution, and storage of the finished products and services. This is part of the supply chain management and planning, and includes the control of the efficient flow – forward and reverses of the goods, as well as their storage.

As mentioned previously, all of this occurs between the production and the point of end consumption of a good. The objective of the logistics management provided by the companies from the freight transport association is to allocate the correct amount of input or resources at the right time and also that the product gets to the proper location in the appropriate condition and time frame, and that it is delivered to the right customer.

In order to achieve all of this, the companies from the European logistics network have implemented logistical and supply chain procedures which are effective in reducing the costs as well as for maintaining and increasing the productivity of the manufacturers and customers, and lowering or eliminating the risk of delayed deliveries or other problems with the delivery of the goods to the end customers.

Overall, the idea behind the effective logistics management offered by the members of IFA is to provide better, faster and more accurate services within all stages of the supply chain process.