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International Forwarding Association Blog » European logistics companies » How IFA can help inexperienced companies expand their global supply chains
international freight forwarding

How IFA can help inexperienced companies expand their global supply chains

The supply chain includes every single aspect of moving goods from their production through the vendor to the end customer. The supply chain consists of manufacturers, vendors, intermediaries, freight forwarders and customers.

With the globalization and the rapid growth in international trade, the supply chain and all its members are no longer contained within the borders of one single country. Rather, it includes customers, manufacturers, and vendors from different countries.

Today, China has become a leader in global trade and economy, and with the shifting markets, the global supply chain is becoming more complicated and complex as well. This means that the companies and members of the supply chain need to adapt to these changes and incorporate them into their business.

European logistics network

The list of logistics companies from the International Forwarding Association can help their customers and all supply chain members with the difficulties which some inexperienced or ill-equipped companies have operating on an international level and extending their global supply chains. Thanks to the experience of the companies from the European logistics network, now these companies which are new to international trade can successfully expand their businesses and services.

Part of succeeding when entering a new market is understanding the specific cultural differences of each region. Thanks to the fact that the European network for transportation has members in all countries of Europe which are well aware of the local business environment and specifics. The employees of the forwarders throughout Europe experience with dealing with customers and companies from around the world, and can help companies which are interested in entering new and unknown markets to do so successfully.

Here are some of the services which the member companies from IFA can provide to new customers who want to expand their supply chain globally

International freight forwarding

The companies from the freight forwarders network can organize the forwarding of the goods for these companies. They can handle small shipments, complete loads, sea freight in Europe, specialized transportation as well as all kinds of transport services at the best price possible. Thanks to the close cooperation between the logistics companies from the freight transport association the best routes, the cheapest and most efficient transportation can be found for each shipment. In many cases, the companies will decrease the forwarding price even more by combining intermodal transportation services or by using their regular European groupage services. The forwarders will handle all the documentation, the payment, and the carrier selection.

Packing, storage and distribution and contract logistics

The companies from the international freight forwarders network can also provide the appropriate and most cost-effective export packing services to companies which are not familiar with exporting. They can advise them about the best types of packaging to be used, the design, as well as provide pallet shipping and minimize the packaging to maximize the number of goods exported at the lowest price possible.

The companies from the international freight forwarders network also have local warehouses and storage facilities throughout Europe, where they can store and manage the distribution of the goods for the customers too. The international freight forwarders network also offers contract logistics which can help a new customer enter one of the European markets successfully and at a very good price too.