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Solar Energy Logistics

Solar energy technologies have been in a constant state of growth and innovation during the last years. At the same time, businesses face multiple challenges such as unpredictability, cost of investment and fabrication costs, and storage efficiency.

Services for Solar Energy Businesses  

To help industry partners to achieve optimal results, we offer specialized logistics solutions such as storage and distribution, air and land freight, shipping of equipment, and more. We serve small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and major manufacturers and provide customized logistics solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements.

Solar Energy Logistics



Shipping is one method to move oversized items such as plants that have to be set up because of the amount of equipment required. We also help solar manufacturers with air freight to ship replacement components needed for repairs and maintenance. Air freight is a fast, reliable, and convenient way to cover long distances over a short period of time when urgent replacements are required.

Whether you need air freight in Europe or across the globe, we can help with transportation of specialized equipment and will deliver machinery right to the site of the plant. From shipping mounting and racking components and monitoring technology to shipping inverters and charge controllers, we help businesses to save time and minimize destination handling costs.

Benefits for Solar Manufacturers

Even the best quality PV panels and equipment might end up scratched or damaged beyond repair due to poor logistics. It shouldn’t be this way as poor and unreliable logistics results in financial loss and damage to your reputation. What is more, in some cases fine damages are not visible to the naked eye but can cause serious problems and damages to the system. At IFA we offer the full array of specialized services to ensure that equipment arrives safely onsite.

To minimize the risk of damage, PV panels and machinery are handled and shipped with care even at peak times. We always strive to ensure flexibility and safety and offer customized solutions to streamline your time. Whether you are moving an entire solar power system or components such as power optimizers, micro-inventers, and support modules, safety is guaranteed. We will choose the optimal mode of transportation based on safety and time considerations and will assist you at every stage of the process.

Combining intermodal transportation services, solar solutions are delivered all over Europe by road, air, and sea transport at the desired time. Our extensive experience, capabilities, size, and good communication and coordination allow us to help customers become more efficient by choosing the best routing options and modes of transportation. Our teams will monitor your equipment during the journey to ensure a safe and smooth delivery.

As a European logistics network and one of the largest in Europe, customers benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge of freight forwarding, compliance regulations, duty, and goods requiring classification. We help businesses move equipment, expand, and gain access to new markets by offering quality cost-efficient logistics solutions.