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Logistics for the flower industry

Logistics for the flower industry

Flowers are an essential part of many events, especially joyful ones. They are symbols of each celebration which makes them the subject of a rather intensive trade. The European network for transportation contributes to the transport of flowers to different countries and places in Europe.


The contribution of logistics to the wide variety of flowers available in the different European countries

Thanks to the logistics services for the flower industry provided by freight forwarders Europe, every European country can enjoy flowers from other countries. For example, the Netherlands is a renowned manufacturer of tulips. The international freight services make it possible that these amazing flowers are available in the other countries too. The countries with a colder climate which is unsuitable for the cultivation of flowers can have access to all the flowers they want and need for any event.


Europe is among the top consumer of flowers

The Old Continent is one of the places with the biggest consumption of flowers in the world.  The European logistics companies ensure that the demands by the flower industry are being met.


The Netherlands is one of the biggest producers and exporters of flowers

The land of the tulips, the Netherlands are among the best known flower producers and exporters of flower bulbs and cut flowers. The export of these goods from the Netherlands is done with the active participation of the European logistics association.


Import of flowers from other regions of the world

The USA, Colombia and other countries are among the biggest flower producers worldwide. The member companies of IFA provide deliveries from these countries as well.


The logistics services for the flower industry

The forwarders throughout Europe provide regular transport of seeds, flower bulbs and fresh flowers to cover the needs of numerous flower shops in the different European countries. They use the suitable packages and transportation means with the appropriate temperature regime and cooling systems. This is necessary especially for the transportation of fresh flowers which are perishable goods. This allows for the flowers, flower bulbs and flower seeds being transported to maintain their attractive appearance and qualities.


Packing fresh flowers for transport – with or without water

The cut fresh flowers are packed in several different ways for transportation. The most common packaging is boxes in which the flowers are placed horizontally. For the transportation of flowers which cannot survive for long without water (orchids, gerberas and others) are packed with their stems in water containers or buckets. Transportation in buckets of water is called “Procona”.  But the transport of flowers with water, the weight of the freight increases. This is why the international freight forwarders do not recommend that air transportation is used, because of the significant increase of the transportation cost.


The use of air transport for quick shipments of fresh flowers

Since cut fresh flowers are perishable, the member companies of the freight forwarding association provide air transport for them, so that they reach their destination looking appealing and fresh.


Storing flowers for the needs of the flower industry

Storage services which provide the appropriate cooling systems and temperature regime are needed for the distribution logistics services for the flower industry to ensure that the flowers remain in good condition and appearance.

Thanks to the European network for logistics services, the member companies of the network have numerous storage warehouses suitable for this type of storage before the flowers are distributed to be delivered to the end customers.