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contract logistics

European network for contract logistics

What is essential for high quality contract logistics – a preliminary expert analysis


Within the European network for logistics, the member companies carefully prepare the basics for the contract services. The experts in our companies and experts in contract logistics analyze their customers’ businesses  Based on that, the storage needs, as well as the transport and other services which will be needed are all estimated.  This allows for building optimal solutions for each customer. When they choose to sign a contract for freight forwarding, the customers receive the optimal solutions which meet their specific needs and comply with all their requirements.


Full service of customers’ chain stores with the logistics network of the forwarders throughout Europe

Through the establishment of systematic deliveries for all customers to all the necessary European destinations, freight forwarders Europe can make sure that there is a constant flow of deliveries of adequate supplies of goods.  This allows each of our customers to focus on their business and to know that with contract logistics provided by forwarders throughout Europe, their trade with every single destination in Europe will carried out smoothly.


Additional services – customs, storage and others

Transporting goods in Europe based on contracts with the freight forwarders network often requires the implementation of additional services, such as: customs, storage and others.  The member companies of the European network for logistics offer to provide all of the additional services needed for the contract forwarding for our customers. Leave the entire forwarding to us and you won’t have any problems and you can have full control over your business, instead of wasting your time and efforts for organising the forwarding of your goods to any destination in Europe.


The additional services which we offer along with the forwarding done based on contracts include:


  • Loading your goods regardless of the European destination
  • Customs service
  • Storage in warehouses in different European destinations
  • Sorting, palletising, labelling
  • Delivery to the final recipients anywhere in Europe