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International Forwarding Association Blog » Contract Logistics in Europe » Benefits of cross-docking in contract logistics
contract logistics

Benefits of cross-docking in contract logistics

Many companies create chain stores within Europe. Contract logistics with the freight forwarding companies of the European network for transportation is the solution for ensuring their regular supply with different goods.


The advantages of contract logistics with the help of the European network for logistics services

By organizing regular deliveries to storages and stores of the companies, the freight forwarders enable each company to concentrate on its main activities, and not to lose time and efforts for organizing the deliveries. Contract logistics is a modern solution for companies, which offers to provide them with the organization of all kinds of logistics services: transport, storage, customs brokerage, etc.


Components of contract logistics

Contract logistics includes:


  • Managing delivery chains
  • Providing solutions for the delivery chains
  • Loading the goods
  • Transporting the goods
  • Processing the goods in the different logistical platforms in the different European countries and cities with international freight services
  • Customs clearance and duty
  • Storing
  • Cross-docking
  • Delivery to the final destination


Benefits of cross-docking in contract logistics

The cross-docking offered by the Еuropean network for transportation, includes the reception and dispatch of goods in storage without being stored for long periods of time.  It is part of the delivery chain, in which the European network for logistics services harmonize the loading and delivery time of the goods with maximum precision. This allows for minimum delivery times.

The cross-docking can be offered as a one or two stage service:

  • One stage – through a storage as regular separate orders
  • Two stages – the unloaded lot is re-formed, like in two or more groups

In both cases, the cross-docking done by the forwarders throughout Europe the storage of the goods in a warehouse is excluded.  This is another advantage, because it decreases the need for storage space, as well as warehouse staff for it.


Types of goods which can be transported with cross-docking in contract logistics


  • Mass consumption goods
  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • Products for promotional events


Multimodal transport solutions in contract logistics

In order to achieve timely deliveries at optimal prices, the member companies of the freight forwarders network offer multimodal transport solutions.  They allow them to keep the delivery terms and the transport combinations in order to achieve the most optimal price for the route.  Apart from that, multimodal transport leads to lesser pollution because the distance to the final destination is shortened.


Additional services in contract logistics

  • Collecting goods
  • Packing goods
  • Repackaging goods
  • Re-labeling