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freight consolidation

European logistics freight consolidation

Freight consolidation is amongst the regular logistics services provided by the freight forwarders. By offering to merge smaller loads into a single vehicle load, there is an opportunity for regular transport of cargoes with smaller volumes at a lower forwarding price.


Benefits of the freight consolidation

By combining smaller cargo into one load, the prices for transport decrease drastically, and at the same time, the safety levels remain the same because the groupage cargo is well packed and the cargo compartment is properly locked at all times during the transport. It is opened only when required for inspection by the relevant local services or by the accompanying shippers form the member company of the network of freight forwarders.


Consolidation for import and export of trade samples

Given the high intensity of import and export of goods among the different European countries, the need for regular and intensive forwarding of small packages and loads is growing rapidly. This is why the member companies of the European network for transportation offer a regular Europe-wide groupage transport service to various European destinations, with groupage lines in both directions – suitable for both import and export.

You can rely on IFA for the forwarding of small volumes of goods, as well as of commercial samples which are consolidated with other loads for the same destination, after which they are de-consolidated so that they can be forwarded to their final destination in the country.


The possibility for consolidation of various goods and cargo

The European logistics companies have various transport vehicles available which allows them to consolidate smaller cargos of various types into one consolidated load for the destination required by the customers. When they are consolidated, the goods and consignments are combined in a way which prevents any risk of damage or deterioration of their qualities due to the other goods being transported in the consolidated shipment. All small shipments are packed separately which keeps them safe from such risks as well as from them damaging the other shipments in the groupage load.


Services which we offer along with our freight consolidation services


Along with the freight consolidation services as well as their de-consolidation at the final destination, the companies from the European logistics association offer the following additional services as well:

  • loading
  • unloading
  • picking up the consignment from the office or warehouse of the sender
  • delivery to the office or warehouse of the receiver
  • packing and labeling
  • insurance
  • storage of the de-consolidated goods at the intermediate destinations


Consolidation and de-consolidation sites – the warehouses of the forwarders throughout Europe

The warehouses of the member companies of the international freight services can ensure all necessary conditions for the consolidation and the de-consolidation of various types of shipments around Europe. Regardless of which European destination you are forwarding your cargo to and from which European country you are sending it from, our warehouses are equipped with all necessary tools, equipment and materials for processing the smaller shipments.


Information about the cargo during the forwarding service

Our logistics companies work in close cooperation in order to ensure that the customers have access to real time tracking information regarding their cargo throughout the entire forwarding service via modern tracking systems.


Combining of the logistics network provides various advantages for the companies of IFA

By combining the resources and personnel of the member companies of the European network for logistics services we are able to offer shorter terms for consolidation and de-consolidation, delivery as well as various routes within Europe and multiple storage options whenever such is required by our customers.