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International Forwarding Association Blog » Contract Logistics in Europe » The role and impact of logistics on the development of e-commerce
logistics services for e-commerce

The role and impact of logistics on the development of e-commerce

E-commerce is a convenient shopping method, preferred by a growing number of customers.  The goods which are available in the European online stores are being transported and delivered thanks to the cooperation between the partners of the European network for logistics.  This allows more goods from different producers to get to their European buyers easily and shortly.


The convenience of e-commerce

The companies in Europe which produce various types of goods can now advertise and sell their products online – in stores or via other websites in English. These goods are delivered to the country and area by the local partner companies of the European network for transportation.  This allows an increasing number of European customers to choose to shop online, without leaving their homes.


Apart from the quick and easy ordering and online payment, the other benefits include the possibility for returning a product, if it doesn’t adhere to the requirements. Plus there are quick delivery terms and free delivery for bigger orders too.


The evolution of the logistics services

The logistics services for e-commerce demonstrate a very rapid evolution from brick and mortar shops to online stores.  Following the practice to distribute goods through centralised distribution centres, today more traders prefer to sell their goods online only through their online stores.  Their goods are stored in warehouses, and it is from there that they are transported to the buyers by the member companies of the European logistics network.


The role of logistics for the increasing popularity of e-commerce

The delivery of the goods to the customers is a basic component of e-commerce. In order to ensure quick delivery of the goods to the buyers, the traders rely on the freight forwarding services of the European network for logistics which help the customers receive the purchased goods quickly and safely.


The warehouses of the logistics companies – solutions for the owners of online stores


The logistics companies in the freight forwarders network, not only deliver to the customers.  They also offer warehouse and storage solutions with all necessary storage conditions for different types of goods. When it is necessary, the logistics company can deliver the purchased goods to the customer who have ordered and purchased the goods online to the country and end destination.  The cooperation between the member companies of IFA allows for a combined groupage transport service which is used for smaller packages to various destinations of Europe.



The advantages of the storage solutions offered by the logistics companies for maintaining the prices of the products offered online low

In order to keep the prices of the goods offered online, the merchants save money from not having to maintain brick and mortar stores. Also, the modern principles for logistics storage operations of the Europe-wide groupage transport service add to the advantages which lead to the ability to maintain the prices low, including:


  • Maintaining a database for the implementation of optimisation methods
  • Replenishing the stock through cooperation between warehouses, whenever that is necessary
  • A large part of the personnel of each logistics warehouse has a higher education allowing them to maintain and manage the databases, and to optimise the storage process and the other services provided
  • The software used in the logistics warehouses allows for the visualisation, simulation, analysis and optimisation of the storage flow and for the reduction of the operation costs.