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E-Commerce Retail Logistics

Retail logistics and e-commerce

Traditional retail supply chains are different from e-commerce in terms of shipment and delivery, purchases, locations, and the actors involved. Retailers choose attractive, high traffic locations to advertise goods and feature local deliveries for big ticket items. The retail location is important which explains why businesses are willing to pay costs such as rent, utilities, salaries, etc. Expenses incurred by retailers to secure a location are included in the price of goods.

With the advance of e-commerce, however, the relationship and interaction between retailers and customers has changed considerably, requiring a new approach in terms of e-commerce retail logistics. Retailers act as both distribution centers and online stores, using parcel and postal services for small shipments. Online retailers are responsible for shipment and delivery unlike traditional stores where customers visit the retailer’s location to make purchases.

How E-Commerce Retail Logistics Differs

Unlike traditional retail supply chains, e-commerce retail logistics involves the control and planning of processes that enable the processing of transactions. E-commerce logistics providers facilitate transactions and ensure that the proper procedures are followed in case of unexpected developments and situations. Integrated logistics services feature storage and distribution solutions that minimize the cost of administration and transportation, help increase efficiency and the production output, and reduce the required stock level that businesses and suppliers maintain.

Refrigeration transport



E-Commerce Retail Logistics Solutions

Our teams offer assistance during all stages of shipment, from referencing, labelling, and checking of goods delivered by the supplier to secure storage, delivery by means of specialized transportation, and managing returns. Customers are offered the full array of e-commerce retail logistics services and benefit from:

  • Multi-channel approach
  • Ability to accommodate and move all kinds of goods
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to manage peaks in activity
  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • Customization of orders

Refrigeration transport is available to move perishable items such as fruits and vegetables. We also offer secure storage for valuable items and can help manage products by use-by or sell-by date, including food items, cosmetics, and detergents. Customers also benefit from high-level automation and capabilities to handle large volumes. Hybrid and intermodal transportation solutions are also offered to accommodate orders that require good reactivity to be able to meet deadlines.

Compared to traditional retail supply chains, e-commerce retail logistics involves made-to-measure solutions, from stock management and shipment to quality control, loading and unloading of vehicles, order preparation, etc.  From the reception of goods and preparation of orders to handling odd-size items, we always strive to support customers in the best way possible by taking care of shipment, stock, and management of orders. We take pride in our fast reaction times and multi-focus approach that helps customers to achieve optimal results by using the least amount of resources.

The companies featured in our freight forwarders directory offer linked services such as quality control and relabeling and customized solutions such as restocking individual items and delivery to a location of the customer’s choice. We can also help online retailers to manage orders during periods of peak demand such as Christmas and Easter.