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Logistics for the European textile industry

Logistics for the European textile industry

The products of the textile industry, including: textiles, samples and finished garments reach each and every point of Europe thanks to the logistics provided by the forwarders throughout Europe and the specialised services and vehicles for these types of products.


Logistics of ready garments, underwear, bed linen – a basic part of the services offered by the member companies of IFA

More customers are looking for clothes which come with the convenience of being able to try them on and immediately determine whether the design and size are alright. The main producers of confection in Europe are located in Bulgaria and Albania. Boutique clothing is in demand in all European countries.

International freight forwarders meet this growing demand for logistics of ready clothing through regular transport, groupage services and regular distribution of ready made clothing.

Apart from logistics services for clothes, freight forwarders also offer logistics for bed linen and other products from the textile industry to all countries in Europe. This allows the goods of the leading producers from all countries to reach different countries on the continent.


Transport of clothing on hangers – an important part of the process in getting the clothes to the storages and the shops

The transport of clothes on hangers is a basic part of the textile industry logistic services, which are provided by the member companies of the freight forwarders association. The most convenient method for regular transport of clothing on hangers is through groupage services.

The member companies of IFA perform the forwarding of clothes on hangers via special vehicles – trucks with tail lifts for easier loading of stands with clothes on hangers. For smaller, express shipments, the international freight forwarders offer van transport, which can be used for transporting clothes on hangers in boxes.


Stands and boxes used for transporting clothes on hangers

The stands used for transporting clothes on hangers are chromed. They can be placed at convenient distances in the truck. Single or double stands can be used. Also, there are S-shaped, bilateral, quadrilateral and other types of stands which can be regulated in height.  There are also foldable stands available too.  The stands are chosen in accordance to the types of clothes on hangers which need to be transported.

The boxes for transporting clothes on hangers have the shape of wardrobes. The clothes are placed in them through the front side of the box. These boxes can be opened from the front and back for easier loading and unloading.

Storage services for the textile industry logistics

The Europe-wide groupage transport service for the distribution of clothes, samples, textiles, underwear and bed linen, the storage service facilitates the regular deliveries to the distributors.  With contract logistics for the textile industry, the customers of the European logistics companies can rely on the storage network of each of the member companies.

All the necessary conditions for the storage of the goods are provided at these storage facilities, before they reach their final distribution points.