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International Forwarding Association Blog » Air freight in Europe » The Role of Air Freight in Serving Remote and Landlocked Regions in Europe

The Role of Air Freight in Serving Remote and Landlocked Regions in Europe

In Europe’s diverse landscape, some regions pose logistical challenges due to their unique geographical positioning. Air freight offers a solution for these regions, especially for hard-to-reach areas and landlocked countries. By understanding the importance of air transport in these contexts, European freight forwarders can develop more effective and reliable logistics strategies.


Air Freight in Remote Europe

The European continent, comprising not only urban centers but remote, hard-to-reach areas, often leans on air transport to ensure that goods reach even the farthest corners timely. Regions such as the Scottish Highlands and the Alpine areas in Switzerland rely on air transport because of their challenging accessibility. Electronic components, which are essential for the technology hubs in these regions, are often sent via air to ensure timely delivery.

For healthcare facilities in areas like these, the swift arrival of certain medical supplies is crucial. Certain items become essential commodities, including immunosuppressive drugs for post-organ transplantation, radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine procedures, custom-made prosthetics tailored for individual patients, antivenoms for rare venomous bites, and even specific blood and plasma types. Delays in delivering these could not only disrupt medical processes but also risk lives.

Moreover, these remote regions, despite their geographical challenges, have a consumer base with diverse and sophisticated tastes. Whether it is the newest gaming consoles or seasonal delicacies like truffles, air transport ensures that they receive these items fresh and at the height of their demand. Even the fashion aficionados in these regions aren’t left behind. Limited edition fashion pieces, especially from high-end brands, are often air-freighted to cater to the discerning tastes of consumers who seek exclusivity.


Air Solutions for Landlocked Nations

Landlocked countries in Europe, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Switzerland, face unique challenges when it comes to transport logistics.

For instance, the automotive industry, which has a significant presence in countries like the Czech Republic and Slovakia, often requires timely delivery of specialized components. A disruption in receiving these components, like turbochargers or precision bearings, can halt production lines and cost industries millions. Air freight ensures that these crucial parts reach the assembly lines without delay.

Switzerland, a hub for the watchmaking industry, frequently imports rare materials like mother-of-pearl or sapphire crystals for watch dials. Given the delicate nature and often the high value of these materials, air transport is the preferred mode for delivering small shipments safely and promptly.

Hungary, known for its advanced electronics and information technology sectors, sometimes has to rush in microchips or specialized circuit boards to keep its tech industry thriving. Any delay in receiving these can hamper product launches or software updates, making air transport an essential aspect of their logistics.

Lastly, Austria, with its flourishing pharmaceutical industry, often relies on air freight for the import of rare bioactive compounds or the export of newly developed medications. Given the sensitivity and limited shelf life of some of these products, prompt and safe delivery via air becomes paramount.