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European network of freight forwarders

European network of freight forwarders

European network for logistics services was established based on the ever growing need for international freight forwarding to different destinations in Europe.  The united efforts and professionalism of the different partners in our network of freight forwarders will provide you with the international freight services you need.

Advantages of the IFA for our clients: we are a partner network for international freight forwarding

The partnership is the basis of all the advantages you get, when you choose to entrust the shipment of your goods and cargo to our international freight forwarders association.

We are an international company: the partners in our freight forwarders network are equal and proven responsible forwarders throughout Š•urope. The IFA partners in each country offer diverse and personalised groupage services, and transport of small shipments, complete loads, distribution logistics, contract logistics.

Advantages of IFA for our partners: equality, cooperation and a constant flow of shipments

The partners in the European network for logistics services take advantage of all benefits offered by our European network for logistics. They remain independent, but get possibilities for cooperation in the wide freight forwarders network, for partnership for their international freight services. This allows us to combine routes and different types of transport for the forwarding of cargo and goods to all destinations in Europe.  This allows each partner to be competitive on the European market, not as an individual company but as part of our partnership network with proven professionals.



The communication between the partners - the key prerequisite for our success and the quality of our international freight forwarding services

Our European network for transportation would not be able to function so efficiently without the continuous communication among the partners.  Whenever there is a need for forwarding cargos and goods to other countries and receiving information and cooperation for the procedures in the different countries, organising the international freight services is easy thanks to the easy and constant communication with the partner or partners in that particular country.

Initiative - another prerequisite for the quality of the services offered by IFA’s international freight forwarders network

The specifics for shipping in every country are well known for the partners of the European network for transportation. Each of the companies in our list of logistics companies shows initiative for informing the partners for any new developments, changes in the road conditions, etc.  This allows all partners to have new and reliable information at all times, and to offer you their international freight services at the expected level, in short terms and with optimal routes and prices.

This statistics will supplement the presentation of the European network of freight forwarders

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