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Logistics for small packages

Sending small shipments is a common chore for companies and for private senders.  These packages can contain: samples, documents, personal items and others.  With the expansion of commerce and the growing mobility within Europe, it is a more common occurrence for forwarders throughout Europe to be given small shipments for forwarding, and to offer regular groupage transport service routes to different destinations in Europe.


The advantage of using the European logistics network when sending small volume packages

The IFA member companies join forces for offering the best conditions and the shortest deadlines for delivering small volume shipments to different destinations in the European countries.  Through the constant communication between the different freight forwarders, your shipments will reach their destinations in the shortest possible delivery time.


The groupage routes of the member companies of IFA

The Groupage services, provided by the international freight forwarders, are on a weekly basis. The departure is on a particular day from each destination, and the deliveries are done as quickly as possible.


Internal distribution

Freight forwarders Europe maintain groupage storages in various cities in a number of different European countries, so that your package can get from the main destinations to the end delivery points in time.  We offer the distribution of small shipments to every European country.  We have a well-developed network of freight forwarders who are partners of the European network for logistics services.


Vehicles for groupage transport services


The vehicles used for the groupage routes of the European network for transportation companies include special equipment. This allows us to offer you all the necessary conditions, temperature levels and others required for your particular shipment. We group small shipments in accordance to their type, in order to ensure optimal conditions for their transport.

Our licensed vehicles include ones specialised for the transportation of hazardous goods, in accordance to the international ADR requirements.


Ensuring real-time updates regarding the groupage shipments

At any time during the groupage forwarding, you can make an inquiry and receive real-time information regarding the movements of the shipments in the groupage routes.  The member companies of the European network for logistics have modern tracking systems for their groupage vehicles, so they are able to provide you with tracking information at all times.