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Trends in land freight forwarding and the opportunity to maintain optimal prices

The numbers and volumes of land transport in Europe have been increasing.  This is a global trend which is affecting the number and the volumes of the forwarding services via the European Logistics Network. More customers are turning to freight forwarders Europe for reliable and fast forwarding services to all European countries.

Factors such as the global economic situation also affect the prices of the forwarding services

Despite the growing demand for land freight forwarding services, the prices for these services are also increasing.  The reason for this trend is the unfavourable economic situation observed globally and in Europe. The new regulations for land transport which are to be introduced soon will also have possible negative effect on the land transport prices.

How the European network of transportation can deal with the unfavourable economic situation

The solution offered by the company members of IFA is the unification of the international freight forwarders.  The members of the freight forwarders association can deal with the unfavourable economic situation by: organising the supplies in the areas of the different member companies, choosing the shortest routes, knowing the local transport and logistics regulations in the different countries of the different member companies, as well as in other spheres in which they can cooperate with one another. This will allow them to offer the best prices for land freight forwarding as well as for combined transport services in Europe.

The impact of these tendencies on the individual forwarding companies

The impact from the difficult economic situation on the different forwarding companies will be different. Smaller forwarding companies are more likely to suffer from bigger difficulties during these trying times. As for the member companies of the European network for logistics, these difficulties can be overcome more easily by combining the effort and services offered in order to achieve optimal routes, capacities and prices for the customers.

Another factor which freight forwarding companies should keep in mind is capacity

In order to reduce the negative effect of the economic situation on the forwarding companies, special attention must be paid to the capacities of the forwarding services. In order to offer lower prices for their forwarding services, the member companies of the European network for logistics services are combining efforts to utilise the capacity of the transport for international forwarding. This allows for lowering the prices for these services.

Keeping the prices of fuel at lower levels will also allow for lowering shipping charges

In the current economic situation, the fuels remain at relatively persistent prices, which is what te forecasts predict for the foreseeable future as well. The companies offering groupage services in Europe all know that this is an important utility through which optimal shipping prices can be maintained.  The forecast for the near future is a persistence of the prices for fuel without drastic reductions or increases.  The European logistics companies plan to use this advantage in the interest of their clients, and to offer them optimal prices for distribution logistics, small shipments and complete loads.