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The importance of insurance for the freight forwarding services

It is crucial to request insurance for the cargo being forwarded

When you are forwarding goods and cargo to various European destinations, the member companies of the European logistics network offer insurance for the goods and the cargo.  We want our customers to receive a full set of services to ensure that the goods are transported and also that all necessary measures are taken to ensure that the quality and integrity of the goods is maintained, as well as the possibility for receiving compensations in case damage occurs due to unfavorable weather conditions or for other unforeseen factors.


The factors which can cause damage to the cargo

Sudden changes in the weather conditions can cause damage to cargo which is being transported in vehicles covered with tarpaulin or in open decks. This can be caused by rain or snow. During freight forwarding with ships, damage to the ship which leads to the penetration of water can also have a negative effect on the quality of the cargo carried.


Types of cargo which is especially susceptible to damage and deterioration of the quality due to unfavorable weather conditions

This cargo includes pharmaceutical products, electronics, clothing and food.


Risks of theft, and how the European logistics companies deal with them

During the forwarding, and especially during the breaks while on the road, there is a risk of theft.  The member companies of IFA are doing everything possible to prevent such occurrences, with the help of various tracking technologies for the cargo, as well as with specific instructions for the drivers and other personnel accompanying the cargo on how to provide constant care for it until it is delivered.

Our practice shows that theft is most likely to occur when the vehicles are left without unattended, especially on parking lots.  This is why the employees of the member companies of the Europa network for logistics are especially instructed to abstain from leaving the vehicles unattended and to constantly check on the integrity of the cargo.

One of the biggest advantages of freight forwarders Europe is the close cooperation between the companies. This allows them to guarantee that thefts will be prevented, since all the partner companies included in the list of logistics companies are vetted and are trusted members of IFA.


The insurance ensures that compensations are paid in case of damage due to unfavorable weather conditions or due to other risk factors occurs

Whenever you make a request to a member company of the network of freight forwarders, always ask for the insurance they will offer, along with the price and delivery terms. This will allow you to receive compensation in case damage due to bad weather conditions and other unfavorable factors occurs during the freight forwarding service.

Our member companies are in close partnership with the leading insurance companies, and will offer you reliable insurance at reasonable prices.


Our advice is to always check the condition of the cargo before the driver leaves

Whenever you are using groupage services or any type of freight forwarding service provided by the member companies of IFA, our advice is to check the cargo upon delivery, before the driver leaves. This will allow you to file a complaint immediately and ask for compensation of any damage or missing goods which has occurred during the forwarding service. When filing a claim, all standard procedures need to be followed. We ask that you keep all freight forwarding documents and attach copies along with your claim for compensation.