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International shipping of personal vehicles

International shipping of personal vehicles

The forwarding of personal vehicles is one of the main services provided by the list of logistics companies. This service, thanks to the close cooperation between the member companies of IFA provides security for your personal car or other vehicle when being forwarded from one European country to another, regardless of the season when the shipping needs to be performed.


We offer to transport your personal vehicles for you whenever you are travelling from one country to another for business, pleasure or to study, as well as in the cases when you want to make a priceless gift to your friends and family in the form of a car or other vehicle to another country.


Services related to the shipment of personal vehicles

  • Transport of cars and vehicles via car transporters, open platforms as well as in closed transport means owned by the freight forwarders
  • Transport of classic personal cars
  • Transport of luxurious vehicles
  • Transport of personal vehicles with non-standard dimensions
  • Transport of second hand used cars and vehicles
  • Transport of motorcycles
  • Forwarding including a door-to-door delivery service
  • Preparation of all necessary transport documents for the service, including: insurances, licenses and others
  • Professionals performing the forwarding services who have the required technical expertise and experience for it.


Combined shipments of personal vehicles and personal luggage

When placing an order for the forwarding of a personal vehicle to another country, the customers of the European Logistics Network can also add an inquiry for the forwarding of additional personal luggage as well.

The combined transport of a personal vehicle with luggage can be performed in one of the two following ways:

  • Complete transport – we can use one transport vehicle to forward the car or motorcycle along with boxes with your personal luggage. This forwarding method depends on the type and size of the vehicle being transported as well as the volume of personal belongings you need to be forwarded.
  • Separate forwarding of the vehicle and the luggage at competitive prices, as part of a groupage shipment. We can combine the shipment of your personal vehicle via a car transporter or open platform along with the forwarding of your luggage with one of our regular groupage forwarding services, when the volumes of personal belongings you need to be shipped are not too large.


If you want to transport small volumes of personal luggage along with your personal car or other vehicle, you need to inform us in advance – when you are placing your order for our service. Apart from that, your luggage needs to be properly packed in boxes or other packaging, and to be securely attached.  The experts from the European network for transportation will assist you with the packing and the attachment of such additional luggage to your vehicle.


The forwarding of baby car seats with your personal vehicle

When you intend to drive with your children in the car in a foreign country, you are required to have special baby car seats or booster seats for your older children. This is a requirement in all European countries which we can help you meet by assisting you with the logistics for your vehicle along with the baby car seats or booster seats in it. The experts from the network of freight forwarders recommend that you install the baby seats or booster seats in your vehicle instead of ordering separate forwarding services for them as personal luggage. This will allow for the easy and hassle free forwarding of both the car and the seats simultaneously.