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freight forwarding for the automotive industry

European freight forwarding for the automotive industry

The European automotive industry has a great production volume which requires freight forwarding services provided by a list of logistics companies. A large number of materials are needed for the production of automobiles, and they usually are delivered form various destination. Also, the vehicles which are already made and driven throughout Europe need various spare parts as well. The freight forwarders network takes care for all of these timely deliveries.


The European automotive industry

A number of European companies are engaged in the production of vehicles and of parts for them. The share of the European automotive industry is one of the biggest economic sectors in the overall global automobile production business. European made cars and vehicles are in high demand throughout the continent, and their delivery to the customers and car dealers is done by the freight forwarders Europe. The new cars are made with highly improved general and environmental characteristics, which is why there is a growing demand for new cars among the European residents.

Car manufacturers don’t just rely on the local market in their countries. The demand for cars and other vehicles is very dynamic and is constantly changing – with periods of great demands to others where there is a low demand for new cars. Also, the produced vehicles can easily be advertised in the other European countries, and the European logistics companies are highly efficient in organizing quick and easy forwarding and deliveries.


Forwarding of tires to the various European destinations


Tires are basic parts of all vehicles. They are constant demand, due to the fact that they get worn and need to be changed periodically. Also, with the seasonal tire changing, the demand for winter and summer tires increases as well. The European network for transportation takes care of the deliveries of tires by providing good offers, short delivery terms and reasonable prices for the forwarding.


Forwarding of used cars

The market for used cars is also constantly growing, mainly due to the low prices of the cars offered. Every European resident can buy a used car and use the services of the freight forwarders to get it forwarded to their country and town of residence.


Logistics of the materials needed for the automotive industry

The volume of materials and consumables used for the production of cars and for parts for them is huge. These materials include metals, such as: iron, aluminum, copper, steel, as well as: glass, plastic, petroleum products and many others. These are used for the making of all big and small details and parts for the vehicles – starting from the smallest and ending with the largest parts, such as the engines and gears.

Today, thanks to the new technological advancements, these materials have been largely improved. But the automotive industry continues to rely on the freight forwarding services of the European logistics network for their supply.


Outsourcing also increases the need for the transport of various components

The use of labor in other European countries or outsourcing requires regular forwarding services and routes for the delivery of various materials and ready-made parts for the vehicles being made. A large number of young entrepreneurs are founding new companies, better known as start-ups. They rely on outsourcing for their production which is how this growing popularity of outsourcing is causing an increase in the demand for forwarding and supply of ready elements to the main production plants of the European automotive industry via the services of the European logistics association.