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prevent cargo theft

What IFA is doing to prevent cargo theft

Unfortunately, with the growing globalization and the increased intensity and volumes of the international freight services, the risk of cargo theft has increased as well.

On a global level, the cargo high jacking of sea vessels has led to a loss of millions of tons of oil, fuel, and chemicals which have been sold at the black market.

The tendency for cargo theft from trucks used by the international freight forwarders has been growing as well.

One of the main reasons for the increased risk of theft of cargo is the advanced technology which is helping not only the freight transport association but is also helping the criminals as well.

Preventing the theft of high-value cargo as well as the being transported on the roads of Europe by the European logistics network is a number one priority of all of the companies from the International Forwarding Association.

Here are some of the precautions which the European network for transportation is taking in order to prevent the hijackings on the road or while the cargo is in the warehouses of the freight forwarders association for storage and distribution,  or as part of the contract logistics services being provided by the freight forwarders network.

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Limiting the information available online

Naturally, all of the companies from the freight forwarders directory discourage their truck drivers from discussing their upcoming trips, routes and type of cargo they will be driving, especially on social networks, and even in personal online chats with others. Such information which is readily available on the Internet can attract thieves and criminals.

Implementing safety technology

The companies from the European network for transportation are implementing immobilizing technologies in all of their trucks. These can be controlled and can be switched on remotely in case there is a suspicion that a truck is being hijacked or is about to be robbed.

This type of technology prevents the thieves from stealing the complete loads along with the vehicle and also stops them from being able to take the cargo and goods if they don’t have their own means of transportation.

Keeping the truck drivers educated

The forwarders throughout Europe are well aware of the importance of keeping their truck drivers aware of the potential risks of theft. This is why they are continuously being trained and assessed for their ability to assess the risks on the road and their abilities and knowledge on how to curb these risks while providing transportation services.

Parking in secure areas

Since most thefts of cargo occur while the truck is parked, the freight forwarders association is doing its best in promoting parking only in secure areas when possible.

Using low-tech security equipment

Even with the advance of smart technologies, it is still essential to secure the loads with mechanical means as well. This means that the drivers from the international freight forwarders association use all of the best locks, rear door locks, landing gear as well as cuff locks, to ensure that the cargo or goods being transported is as safe as possible during the shipment and while the truck is parked.

Overall, the list of logistics companies from the European network for transportation is taking all preventive measures and precautions as possible to keep the cargo of all customers safe on the road and to ensure it reaches its destination without any losses.