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How IFA handles high tech logistics tasks

With the advance of technology, as well as the globalization of the world and the market, specialized logistics services for high tech products and for high tech production companies have become a top priority of the list of logistics companies from IFA.

The companies from the European network for transportation are well aware of the responsibility of handling high tech products with ultimate care and attention.

The various members of the freight transport association are experts in providing completely secure, cost-effective and innovative solutions for the specialized transportation, the packaging, and the storage and distribution of sensitive goods and high tech equipment.

Some of the steps which the members of the freight transport association have taken include offering special climate controlled warehousing and transport, as well as securing the transport and products, choosing the safest and optimal roots and many other tasks necessary for the safe and timely transportation and delivery of high tech products like mobile phones, TVs, networking equipment and many others.

Thanks to the years of experience of the employees in the international freight forwarding companies, they are well aware of the specific requirements of handling high tech equipment and products, and many even have technical or medical training as well. Plus, the companies from the International Forwarding Association organize regular product training courses, in order to continuously improve the quality of the services provided in the area of high value and sensitive technology and products.

The international freight forwarders are also experts in the different types of high tech products, including medical equipment, IT products, telecommunication technology, and others.


high tech logistics tasks



The employees in these companies can provide the following services to ensure that the high tech goods get to their destination in time and in the best condition as possible:

  • Complete storage and distribution management
  • Vehicles for specialized transportation of small goods as well as complete loads with temperature control when needed
  • Strategical positioning of the high tech products allowing for quick delivery
  • Packing and unpacking services when necessary
  • Return of packaging for recycling or waste disposal
  • Customizing labels to meet legal requirements and the demands of the customers
  • Accurate and fast serial number tracking and scanning
  • Inspection, repacking and other RMA services
  • Climate controlled storage in specialized warehouses
  • Efficient warehouse and transport management systems allowing for quick and easy identification of the status of each product
  • Facilities with increased and reliable security
  • Additional staff for holidays when the demand for high tech products is high
  • Handling returned goods

In today’s world when people are choosing to shop online to buy just about anything including high tech products and equipment, it is essential for the manufacturers and retailers to have a reliable logistics partner providing national and international freight services.

In order to stay ahead of competition, these companies need to be able to deliver the high tech product as quickly, safely and as cheaply as possible to the end customer, and this can only be done via a reliable, experienced and dedicated logistics company like any one of the members of the freight transport association.