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Export procedures for goods from the EU

Certain goods which are being transported by the European logistics association need to have an export license when being forwarded. Also, specific procedures need to be adhered to during their export.

The experts from IFA are experienced in getting the licensing and permits necessary for the export of certain goods from one country to another and are familiar will the procedures for its receipt as well as the specifics for their export.


Export procedures for the EU

Most European countries are members of the EU, which is why the freight forwarding companies follow the required procedure for their export from the EU when it comes to air and sea freight of goods for countries outside of the EU. The customers of the network of freight forwarders are notified about the restrictions for the export of certain goods, as well as all the checks which need to be made of the goods being exported. There are reimbursements for the export of certain agricultural goods


Export declarations

The exporters who use the services of the international freight forwarders association for the export of goods need to fill out an export declaration. Whenever necessary they need to present export permits as well. The permits are needed for the local customs services from the country of origin or the area where the goods are packaged. In some special cases, the permits are presented to the customs services which are in charge of the export of these goods.

In specific circumstances, when the exporters cannot present the permits required for the customs service, they can present them to other offices if their reasons are sufficiently serious.



Export declarations

The declaration can be in the form of a single administrative document or its electronic version. An oral declaration is acceptable in specific cases when there are serious circumstances which require it. The customers of the freight forwarders can receive information from them regarding the cases in which a written or oral declaration can be used.

The exporters who expect reimbursements of certain sums when they export goods cannot resort to using an oral declaration. This is also the case when there are specific limitations to the export of certain goods.


The requirement for the condition of the goods being exported

The goods which are being shipped with international freight forwarding are accepted for export only if they are in the same condition during the export as they were at the time when the declaration was presented.  This is certified when the goods are handed over with copies of the export declaration.


The process of forwarding the goods to the EU boundaries

The goods which are being exported from the EU by the freight forwarders network are not under the jurisdiction of the customs offices until they leave the territory of the EU.


Requirements for import permits for countries receiving the goods

The customers of the international freight forwarders network can receive the pertinent information from the forwarding companies regarding the procedures for issuing or acquiring import permits for the countries importing the goods.

It is essential for exporters to ensure whether the goods being exported comply with the local standards in the country of export. This is especially crucial for the export of foods, medical equipment, electrical appliances and others. This must be done early enough to be able to avoid any problems at the boundary if it is established that the goods are not compliant with the local standards.