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Active measures against cargo theft

With the ever-increasing globalization, the volume of goods and cargo being forwarded by the International Forwarding Association has been increasing steadily as well.

Unfortunately, the risk of theft of cargo has also been increasing, and every year millions of tons of oil, chemicals, and other cargo have been lost into the black market due to theft of Sea freight in Europe and around the world.

Also, thefts of cargo from the trucks of the freight forwarders have also led to substantial losses for the customers of the international freight forwarders.

Recent reports of cargo being stolen show a worrying tendency of thieves focusing on low-value commodities not only during the transport but during the storage and distribution of the goods.

Unfortunately, the criminals are using the latest digital technology innovations to steal cargo during the international freight forwarding.


What is IFA doing to prevent cargo theft?

The list of logistics companies from the European network for transportation have taken extra precautions to ensure the safety of the goods and cargo during the shipment, storage and the distribution stages of the international freight services provided.

Here are some of the active measures for prevention of cargo theft being taken by the International freight forwarders network.


The use of technology for the protection of the cargo by the International freight forwarders association

The European logistics companies from the freight forwarders association have been implementing the latest technological innovations to makes sure that the cargo is safe from theft during road transport to its final destination.

The members of the European logistics network are using remote immobilizing technology to block a vehicle which has been reported to be stolen, or there are suspicions of criminal activities.

So, if the thieves try to steal the cargo along with a truck owned by the freight forwarders association, the remote immobilization system can be activated, so that the criminals are unable to reach their black market destination.


Tail-to-tail parking by the drivers of the forwards throughout Europe

The companies from the freight forwarders network have trained and instructed their drivers to stop for their rest breaks only at designated parking areas with other trucks. The vehicles are parked tail-to-tail, and in the cases when the doors are on the back, they are parked against a wall or another surface.

This prevents the rear doors from being broken while the driver is resting in the cab. With the tail-to-tail parking method, the drivers of the freight forwarders Europe can keep an eye on each other’s trucks and trailers, and also block attempts from breaking in.


Low tech security measures implemented by the European logistics companies

Despite all the technological breakthroughs in recent years, the companies from the freight forwarders directory are not giving up on the simple and yet efficient safety solutions, such as the use of secure locks, seals, and other traditional theft prevention methods.

The vehicles and trailers are equipped with kingpin locks, lock trailer air hoses and other highly efficient methods which can stop thieves from attempting a robbery of complete loads, European groupage services and all other forwarding services being provided.