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Cross-docking provided by the European Logistics Network

Inventory storage Inventory can be one of the most expensive parts of a production process.  The costs for storing large inventories can reach up to 70% of all your warehousing costs, while the products are just sitting around waiting to be sold.

This is why the International Forwarding Association offers cross-docking as part of its international freight services.


What is cross docking and how can the International freight forwarders association help you with your inventory

Cross-docking is the practice of unloading products or cargo from an incoming truck or railroad car and loading it on outbound ones so that the need for storage is eliminated or limited to a minimum. The Freight forwarders association does this by sorting the goods intended for different destinations and combining the different loads into one transport vehicle or container for the same destination.




The forwarders throughout Europe can move your cargo from one transport vehicle to another directly with no or just minimal warehousing.  As part of our storage and distribution services, the companies from the international freight forwarding association can also provide staging areas where the goods are sorted, consolidated and stored until the load is complete and ready to be shipped.

The international freight forwarders network offers cross docking sorting, storing and combining in order to provide customers with speedy, efficient and cost-efficient European logistics services. The low cost of this service is achieved by combining loads and shipping only full truckload shipments.

The staging areas used by the international freight forwarders allow for a lowered cost and need for storage.

These cross-dock facilities are a key part of the infrastructure of the companies from IFA and are essential for moving the inventory from the producers to the customers or retailers.


Why trust the cross docking services offered by the European network for transportation

Our member companies are all experienced freight forwarders Europe and have a strong understanding of all Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems used for effective inventory management and customer needs.

We offer to consolidate your goods with others in a single vehicle or other integrated transport as a money saving and time-saving option for our customers. This can be done by one of our many European groupage services too.

The warehouses of the European logistics companies which are part of the freight forwarders network have designated cross docking staging areas for the sorting, consolidation and the storage of the goods waiting to be shipped. These storage areas are located in the major cities of Europe, so they are accessible to all customers who need international freight forwarding throughout the continent.


Additional services related to cross docking

The freight forwarders can also monitor the inventory and inform the customer whenever a good is gone out of stock and is needed for distribution too.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art software and hardware used by the freight transport association, our customers can always have real-time access to the tracking status of their goods and shipments.

We can manage and handle your inventory prior to its arrival so that the delivery process is quicker and is seamless.

Our freight forwarders can break down large loads into smaller ones and provide faster forwarding services by combining intermodal transportation services whenever necessary.