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The road to success of the reverse logistics services provided by IFA

While reverse logistics is a part of the services offered by the International Forwarding Association, it has often been overlooked in the past. The truth is there are multiple benefits of the reverse logistics procedures implemented by the companies from the European logistics network, which have paved way to success for the international freight forwarders and their multiple clients.

What exactly is reverse logistics?

This is the process which includes all of the procedures implemented by the international freight forwarders network for dealing with product returns, as well as their repairs, maintenance, storage and distribution, recycling and dismantling. It is a process which includes all of the stages of handling the supply chain in reverse by the European logistics services with a maximum profit and efficiency.


What are the advantages of reverse logistics offered by the list of logistics companies?

There are multiple benefits of properly implemented reverse logistics procedures by the members of the freight forwarders association. In fact, they can affect the successful growth of any organization including a number of financial, societal and environmental advances.

By properly handling the inverting the flow of goods from the end customer back to the producer, the losses can be minimized and the sustainability of the products and materials can be enhanced.

The companies from the international freight forwarders network can help assist their customers in the process so that they can improve their profits, and meet their sustainability goals by recycling the returned products and materials, and by properly disposing of the ones which cannot be reused. They can also assist their customers in the process of moving the goods back to them for repair and reallocation.

Thanks to the modern management systems implemented by the forwarders throughout Europe, the management of reverse logistics has been vastly improved in the last decade. This is essential in modern days when the lifecycles of electronics and vehicles are shorter and when online commerce has become a much more complicated and booming process.

The actual advantages for the organizations from a properly managed reverse logistics process are:

  • A significant reduction of transport, administrative and aftermarket support costs
  • An enhanced velocity
  • An increase in the service market shares
  • Better achievements of the set sustainability goals
  • Vastly improved customer services and increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher retention levels

By improving the management of the reverse logistics processes, the members of the freight forwarders directory can also:

  • Improve the visibility of the reverse supply chains
  • Provide a better and faster response to customers
  • Increase the productivity
  • Combine traditional, inbound and reverse logistics in one well-synchronized supply chain
  • Establish transparency of the operations in the supply network
  • Automatically consolidate the data received from partners from the freight forwarders association and other European logistics networks

In conclusion

As you can see, the improved management of the reverse logistics programs by the international freight forwarding companies, and by the manufacturers can help save significant costs and allows for improved asset recovery rates. This allows for maintaining a competitive edge, keeping the customers satisfied, and enhancing the sustainability of the production and operational processes.