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International Forwarding Association Blog » European Logistics Network » The news and events which changed the world of logistics in 2018
the world of logistics in 2018

The news and events which changed the world of logistics in 2018

Now that the New Year is here, it is time for the IFA community to analyze the most important news and events in the sphere of international freight forwarding for 2018.

Here are the most essential international freight forwarding and logistics news of the past year, which will no doubt affect the developments in the storage and distribution and European logistics as well as all other international freight services in 2019 as well.

European logistics network

Truck orders have soared

In 2018, there was a tendency for a steady increase in truck orders made by members of the European logistics network, as well as by global shipping companies. It is unclear whether the forwarders throughout Europe and the world are looking to replace their fleets or to simply increase them.

Amazon has announced a new plan for creating a delivery service network of partners

The e-commerce giant has announced its plans for increasing package deliveries and enhancing its national and international freight forwarding services by introducing new offers which will allow entrepreneurs and members of the freight forward association to actually set up their own businesses of delivering Amazon packages and small shipments.

In the US, the Electronic Logging Device directive has affected the forwarders of complete loads and other truckload shippers

The regulation for mandatory electronic logging devices in trucks which took effect at the end of 2017 has been causing an uneven impact on the various forwarders in the US and on international freight services which involve the use of trucks.

The fright transport association and worldwide carriers have gained an advantage in the pricing of the international freight services

The carriers from the freight forwarders directory have gained an advantage from the seller’s market when it comes to transportation. This is mainly due to the strengthened economy, the increased demand for international freight forwarding, specialized transportation, and other transport services, as well as the capacity and labor shortages which the logistics managers are facing.

There has been a boost of Global prime logistics rents

According to a report issued by CBRE, the rents for global prime logistics have become more profitable due to the improving worldwide economy, as well as the surge in the demand for goods which are purchased from bot store storage and distribution locations as well as online.

UPS Freight has agreed on a new long-term deal with the Teamsters Union

In November 2018, UPS Freight and the Teamsters Union reached a new 5-year labor agreement which covers about 11,600 UPS Freight Teamster Union members and includes tighter restrictions for subcontracting intermodal transport, higher wages, and additional protection for the drivers in the cities and other social benefits for them.

Uncertainty for the NAFTA deal

The free trade deal between the USA, Canada, and Mexico is under question in 2019, which has left people in the logistics and transportation business wondering how the new developments will affect the freight forwarding industry in the area.

FedEx has increased its operations to 6 days a week

Due to the boost in online commerce and the demand for quick deliveries, FedEx announced that it will be providing timely services in the US six days a week from September 2018.