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Pick & Pack by Europe Logistics Network

Pick & Pack by Europe Logistics Network for online tradesmen

Pick & Pack is a decision, comfortable for the tradesmen, who offer stock in online stores. The ordered stocks are delivered to clients in different countries in Europe with groupage transport service. The stocks, which are ordered and paid, are taken from the storage of the tradesman and are packed. On each packing is labeled the address of the client, who must receive the stock. That way, with the organization of the selection of the stocks and their packing – Pick & Pack, are saved much more time and the stocks are delivered to the clients in short time. In combination of consignments for clients for groupage transporting with European logistics companies are also saved expenses for transport


The challenge in front of the firms, executing Pick & Pack services

For fast and seamless execution of the selection of the stocks and their packing, the coordinating of the efforts must be perfect. The biggest challenge is the execution of possibly bigger number of orders for maximum short period.


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The increasing of the effectiveness of selection and packing

For the efficacy of Pick & Pack services to be increased, freight forwarders Europe use few strategies;

  • Selection of divided stocks – It is done immediately after a new order is received. But this strategy is suitable for small storages, for big storages it is not effective and there is a time loss.
  • The selection by shipment – via this, the workers of freight forwarders execute no more than one order at a time.
  • Selection by zones – The storages are divided by zones and each one of the workers make selection of a particular zone, and if it is necessary to be executed an order with a selection of more than one zone, the worker from one zone give the order for more forward addition to the worker from the adjoining zone. The giving of the orders for many zones can be done both by hand and by conveyor-belt.
  • Selection type, wave – combination of the selection of shipments and the one by zones. The shipments are selected by the particular worker only in the within the zone


Satisfying the expectations of the clients

The clients of online stores, who receive the ordered by them stocks via International freight forwarders association expect fast deliveries – within 24 hours or no later than 48 hours, they prefer the opportunities for fast returning of the stocks, if they decide to make use of the opportunity for returning in the granted by the tradesman term.

The firms of freight forwarders directory still don’t have a big experience in this new direction – the so called opposite logistics or returning the stocks of tradesmen and producers. And returning via Pick & Pack services. From big value is the maintenance of resources for processing the stocks and packing materials, so that the expectations of the clients can be met and, in that attitude, – for fast and comfortable returning of the stocks if necessary.


The Advantages of the Pick & Pack services

Offering services for selection and packing, the firms from European network for transportation ease the tradesmen and clients. The turnover of the online stores is increased too, they can offer a bigger variety and the clients can have a bigger choice and they receive the stocks fast and seamless.

With execution of Pick & Pack in the storage itself, instead of making the different stocks go to other places for labeling, is saved time and in the end – means.