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pallet shipping in Europe

Express deliveries of pallet shipping in Europe

The demand for pallet shipping

Pallet shipping is in high demand by a number of retailers who use the forwarding services of the freight transport association. Goods can be grouped into single shipments by being packed on single pallets which makes their processing, loading and unloading as well as moving from one vehicle to another during cross-docking shipments or other intermodal forwarding services much easier. The pallets are wrapped with stretch wrap which keeps the goods protected from dirt, dust as well as from damage or harmful weather conditions and humidity during the transport.


Express pallet forwarding service provided by the freight forwarders network

Often, retailers and customers require that their goods are forwarded in the fastest way possible from one destination to another. The International freight forwarders network combines the services of a number of different European logistics companies when regular and especially when express deliveries are provided. The united efforts of the international freight services allow for the delivery of reliable express freight forwarding.

Pallet shipments are very easy for processing, and very little time is lost for their loading, unloading and transferring. The external packaging which protects the goods grouped in pallets also makes the express forwarding much easier due to the fact that no additional measures need to be taken for protecting the goods being shipped on pallets.


Additional advantages of the express pallet shipment deliveries

With the express freight forwarding provided by freight forwarders Europe, the retailers can take advantage of the additional benefits of the groupage services as well as for transporting the pallet shipments as complete loads:

Firstly, the customers and traders can indicate the exact delivery time for the express shipments. By choosing shorter routes and by combining their services, the member companies of the European logistics association can keep the deadlines indicated by the customer.

For even greater convenience and for additional shortening of the delivery time, the European logistics companies offer door-to-door delivery services. Customers from one European country can include a request for picking up their shipments from their production base, warehouse or other in their orders and packing them on pallets for express forwarding to the end destination where the goods can be delivered to the offices or warehouses of the recipients.

Pallet packing is another services offered by the forwarders throughout Europe, which makes the forwarding even faster due to the fast and efficient pallet packing services done by the experienced staff from the logistics companies.

The drivers in the freight forwarders directory who are responsible for the express deliveries of pallet shipments have sufficient experience and are very familiar with the routes they need to drive through. Each vehicle for express pallet shipments has two drivers who drive in shift, so no time is lost for rest along the way. This is another prerequisite for the timely delivery of the pallet shipments to their final destinations.

Your business will have a serious advantage with the help of the express pallet shipments to all European destinations

Customers who rely on express pallet forwarding of their goods can ensure that they don’t miss any financial benefits.

When fast moving consumer goods are being transported via the express pallet shipment service, the Europe-wide groupage transport service are essential for making sure that these goods reach their end destinations in time and in excellent condition so that the manufacturers and retailers do not suffer losses.