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We care for your cargo
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We care for your cargo
IFA - we care for your cargo

The mission of the freight forwarding companies which are members of IFA is one: to ensure high quality of the freight forwarding services offered.  The quality of the forwarding services is directly linked to the care for the goods which you entrust us with. 


The care which we take for your goods includes:

  • Regular deliveries in time, in order to meet the demand and consumption
  • Storing the goods and cargo to maintain stocks
  • Intermodal transport solutions - the best combinations of different transportation types
  • Freight insurance




We take care of the regular supply of the quickly developing and ever growing European markets


Modern markets are characterised by the high dynamics and are continuously expanding.  Freight Forwarders Europe strictly comply to the strict cargo delivery deadlines, in order to ensure that the flow of all demanded and necessary goods on the European markets is continuous. 

Storage to ensure that supplies are in stock and ready for the markets at all times


In accordance to the market tendencies, and the demand for goods and cargos, each production process must at all times be ready for production volume changes. Suppliers of goods can rely on the warehouses of the network of freight forwarders to ensure additional goods in case of an increase in the demand.  The care for the cargo in the warehouses, includes maintenance of suitable conditions and temperature.

New transportation solutions for the provision of goods from the European market


The care of the company members of IFA for your goods includes new transportation solutions necessary to meet the delivery deadlines.  These solutions include combining different transportation means - intermodal transportation, in order to optimise the delivery deadlines and the prices for the delivery.

Cargo insurance


The company members of IFA offer you cargo insurance.  This provides you with the best way to ensure full compensation of the value of the cargo in case of eventual damages or losses.


The logistics companies from the freight forwarders network perform cargo transportation observing all safety requirements for the cargo.  The goods are transported with suitable transportation means, depending on the type of goods being forwarded.  But, even though it is very rare, some kind of damage or loss can occur during the loading, reloading and unloading processes.  The cargo insurance offer full compensation for the losses in case of eventual incidents and losses.


The laws and conventions which are applicable to the international freight forwarding include limitations which can decrease the compensations in case of incidents.  This is why the payments in such cases may not fully reflect the full value of the damaged or lost cargo. Payments in such cases may not reflect the complete value of the cargo. With the cargo insurance, you ensure that you get a full payment for your goods in case of damages and losses during the forwarding.