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News and Events

Dear IFA Members,

There is a saying: "Third time is the charm" which we like to apply for the organization of our next IFA meeting in Athens (GR).

Finally, after almost 2,5 years being weighed down by the Covid-19 regulations, there is every indication that the pandemic as we have endured it, has officially come to an end. This opens up all possibilities to meet again physically and to enjoy all amenities without further restrictions.

It is therefore with absolute the greatest pleasure for the IFA board to announce, also on behalf of our host Logika –Athens that the next IFA meeting for sure will take place from:

Friday, May 27th till Sunday, May 29th in Athens (GR).

and we would like to cordially invite you to this event at the Athens Marriott Hotel ***** in Athens.

The agenda overview for your travel plans is as follows:

Friday, May 27th
12:00 h – 13.00 h Official opening by joint lunch
13.30 h – 17.30 h One-2-One bilateral meetings (meeting-scheduler to follow 1st week in May)
19.30 h - Joint Dinner and evening program

Saturday, May 28th
09:00 h - 17.30 h Start main congress (incl. second part of One-2-One bilateral meetings)
(10:00 h – 15:00 h "Ladies Program" – more information to follow.)
19.00 h - Outdoor evening program and joint dinner

Sunday, May 29th
Individual Departure